Building a toddler climbing wall can be a fun project to do with the whole family. It is simple and inexpensive, but your toddler will love it!

The best part is that you don’t need special skills or tools for this DIY toddler climbing wall. All you need are some basic materials from your local hardware store and about an hour.

Why a climbing wall for toddlers is important

Climbing walls are great for toddler development. They help toddlers develop their upper body strength and balance, as well as improve coordination skills.

Climbing walls also give toddlers an opportunity to have fun and explore their environment. Climbing on a toddler climbing wall is similar to the way they explore things around them by putting everything in their mouths!

The best part about toddler climbing walls is that you can take it down when your toddler outgrows this activity or wants something new to explore.

What You’ll Need to Build the Wall 

What You'll Need to Build the Wall

The toddler climbing wall is made of a few different components that can be purchased at your local hardware store.

You will need the following materials: 

  • Plywood board needs to measure about four feet by six feet.
  • Hardware cloth or chicken wire mesh, this material should measure three and a half feet by five and a quarter yards.
  • One package of wood screws, the size will depend on what type of board you purchased.
  • Three metal posts that are about four feet tall and can be anchored into concrete.
  • A few pieces of metal rebar, the toddler climbing wall should have four posts with two horizontal bars that are about six inches long.
  • One package of large eye screws will be used for attaching the hardware cloth or chicken wire mesh to each post.
  • One roll of plastic is a little more optional but will help make the toddler climbing wall last longer. You can cut it to fit your needs.
  • Paint or stain if you want to paint or stain the toddler climbing wallboard.

Tools Needed: 

  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Level (optional)
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Work gloves
  • Workboots
  • Safety goggles

Plan it Out

How to Build the Toddler Climbing Wall

1. Plan it Out

The toddler climbing wall should be at least six feet wide and four feet tall. Of course, you can make it any size you would like, but this will give your toddler plenty of room to climb up the board without bumping their head on the ceiling.

Your toddler climbing walls should be anchored into a solid surface, such as concrete or brick so that it can’t be pushed over.

The toddler climbing wall should also have a backboard so that once your toddler has reached the top, they cannot climb down the other side of their toddler climbing wall. You could create this by attaching some plywood to the back of your toddler climbing wallboard.

2. Remove Obstacles

You should also ensure that you have a safe space for your toddler’s toddler climbing wall so they are not in danger from falling over or running into something else while playing on it.

The toddler climbing wall should also not be near power lines or anything that could possible come into contact with it.

Don’t forget to make sure there is nothing on the ground that your toddler can fall onto when playing!

3. Building the Toddler Climbing Wall

Start by cutting the plywood board to four feet by six feet. Next, take your hardware cloth or chicken wire mesh and cut it into three pieces about five-and-a-quarter yards long each.

You will need metal posts with an eye screw at the top for attaching the toddler climbing wall material onto them. You should be able to get these at your local hardware store.

Now it is time to start building the toddler climbing wall! First, take two strips of metal rebar and place them on each end of the plywood board. Please make sure they are about six inches apart from one another or as wide as you want the foam edge of the toddler climbing wall to be.

You will need to have someone hold up the posts while you hammer them into place with your hands or use a drill for extra security.

You can measure out where you want to put screws into the toddler climbing wall so that they are about six inches apart from one another. Next, you will need to drill a hole in each spot and place the metal eye screws into them.

Then take your pre-cut chicken wire or hardware cloth, insert it between the posts with an eye screw on top so that they are tight against one another, and then attach them by inserting wood screws through the toddler climbing wallboard.

This will cause the eye screw to poke through so that you can then use a piece of metal wire or string and attach it onto the side of your toddler’s toddler climbing wallboard in order to create an edge for them as their top.

Finally, all that is left is painting (or staining) the toddler climbing wallboard if you so choose and completing the backboard with your piece of plywood.

Safety precautions for toddler climbing walls 

Safety precautions for toddler climbing walls

The toddler’s safety is your responsibility, and you will need to make sure that they are wearing a helmet when climbing on the toddler wall.

The toddler should also be supervised at all times to ensure that they don’t fall off of the toddler’s climbing wall and hurt themselves or other people nearby.

If you have any questions about safety precautions, please consult your local hardware store for more information before building a toddler climbing wall of your own!

Things that will make your toddler want to climb on their own!

Toddlers want to climb! They like it when they can try to go high up. So you will need to make sure that the toddler climbing wall is not too high, but give them the opportunity to try!

A toddler climbing wall is a great way to stimulate the senses of your toddler! Lead them in small steps and get their feet on the ground for some balance before they start trying to climb up higher!

Toddlers are still very young, so it is important that you have patience while they are trying to explore and play on their toddler climbing wall.

How much does it cost to build a climbing wall?

$75 tp $1000, Not everyone has big money to invest in a toddler climbing wall, but if they do they may not want to risk the toddler climbing wall falling over.

Some solutions include framing the toddler’s toddler climbing wall with a secure beam and anchoring it firmly into the ground or building up onto a set of stairs which would make for a safe toddler playground area.

Costs will vary depending on what you are doing to create your own toddler climbing wall, so be sure to research carefully before getting started!

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