Are your garments and linens not thoroughly dried? It may be time for your dryer machine to have some routine maintenance.

Do not underestimate the importance of regularly keeping your dryer machine clean. A clean dryer not only gives you thoroughly dried garments and linens but also keeps you safe from fires. Improper removal of lint, fibers, and dust is the leading cause of household fires. Thus, whether you have a washer at home or manage a laundry service, it is important to know how to clean up a dryer machine.

Pre-Cleaning Tips for Dryer Machine

  • Always read the instructions first before doing anything else. Dryers may have different cleaning instructions depending on their manufacturer. See if there are any specific instructions for your dryer machine.
  • You have to know the difference between a dryer vent, lint trap, and lint screen. These dryer parts are separate from each other.
  • Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your dryer machine at least every 6 months. However, if you have an old dyer or you use your machine more often, then you have to clean your dryer more often.

Now, it is time to proceed to the extensive part of cleaning your dryer machine. Remember to unplug the gas or electricity before you start your extensive dryer maintenance.

Clean the Lint Screen

The lint screen needs occasional thorough cleaning to maintain the dryer’s efficiency level. Remove any buildup from the screen with a vacuum. You can wipe the lint screen with a damp cloth to ensure you have thoroughly removed all the lint buildup. Ensure that the lint trap has dried thoroughly before you run the dryer again.

Wipe and Vacuum the Drum

Regularly check the drum for any leftover clothes or things. Wipe and vacuum the insides of the drum to remove any dust and debris to ensure your clothes are fresh out.

Remove the Debris Accumulated in the Lint Trap

You have to clean out the hollow body of the dryer that is not easily accessible. It is expected that this part of the dryer is full of lint and debris. It is safe to remove the bolts and housing onto the dryer frame and vacuum any accumulated escaped debris or lint from inside the dryer.

Do Not Forget the Exterior!

The exterior has the same importance as your dryer’s interior. You can use equal parts of white vinegar and water to wipe down the exterior. This solution makes the dryer look clean; if your dryer machine is color white, it gives freshness to its paint. Moreover, vinegar removes any foul odor. Thus, put much attention to the base and lid of the dryer; you will notice how much lint and grime has accumulated in these areas.

It is great to know how to clean up your dryer machine; you can repeat the process twice or thrice a year to prevent lint, dust, and fiber buildup. However, if you are managing a laundry pickup and delivery service, you have to clean the dryer more often than the regular machines.



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