The Amazon fire stick converts your old TV with an HDMI port to a smart TV with the help of a handy device. Thus, it reduces cost and aces performance that makes it a better choice for budget households. However, like any other electronic equipment, it experiences glitches, such as amazon fire TV no signal problems.

Many fire stick users complain of the amazon fire TV no signal problem, but later do they realize the quick tips to troubleshoot the problem. This article discusses all the solutions to fix the Amazon fire stick issue to restore your settings. These solutions are easy to follow and implement by everybody.

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Check The HDMI Cables and Ports

Ensure firm connections between the HDMI cable and the port. Check the port thoroughly to make sure that no cuts or scrapes are present. Use a different port if the HDMI cable is connected methodically and, yet, the issue of amazon fire TV no signal persists. Moreover, use the original HDMI cable that the Amazon fire stick had. If all the ports are operational and the problem arises, either use a power converter box or use the HDMI cable with pin 13 removed.

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Reboot The Amazon Power Stick

Switch off the TV and take out the HDMI stick from the HDMI port. Wait for about 10-15 minutes after disconnecting the Amazon fire stick for the amazon fire TV ‘no’ signal issue from the main power supply. After this interval, turn on the TV and connect the Amazon fire stick again. To check the attachments, press any button on the remote and keep it pressed for a while.

Check For a Proper Screen Resolution

Surprisingly, the Amazon fire stick will be affected by the incorrect resolution and, the problem of amazon fire TV no signal may arise. Hence, always use the fitting best suited for your Amazon fire stick’s compatibility. Press up and rewind on your remote and choose the current resolution that will pop up based on your stick’s configurations.

Cross-Check Your Internet Connectivity

Ensure that your internet is working at full speed, and if not, contact your internet service provider. Place your Amazon fire stick close to the router and check for the Amazon fire TV no signal issue. Use an amazon Ethernet Adapter meant for Amazon fire TV services and connect it to the router or the modem. Do a cycle on the modem or router and switch the channels for a dual-band router. Reset the stick back to its factory settings, and reconnect to the network to solve the problem.

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Check The Amazon Fire TV Stick for Breaks

Check The Amazon Fire TV Stick for Breaks

If accidentally, your fire stick had fallen long back, it might have broken, and hence, the issue of amazon fire TV no signal arisen. It is high time to replace the stick if the stick displays a black screen with no signal display box even on connection. It might have fallen in the past and suffered minor damage, due to which it is malfunctioned now.

Correct the network settings.

Many times, the amazon fire TV no signal issue arises due to a glitch in the connection. It resolves in three simple steps.

  • Open the guide and click on the menu of the system.
  • Search for available network connections and choose your desired network.
  • Keep tapping on the play and pause button for a couple of minutes.

Check The Indicator of The Power Light

Check the power light for fluctuations or if it gets dim or turns off when you play the button for streaming. If any of this happens, there is an issue with the power plug, socket, or cord. Hence, call a technician.

Use an authenticated power adapter to ensure that you do not have any issues with the stick for the amazon fire TV no signal problem. If the same issue persists, conclude that the fire stick is defected and switch to a new one for viewing without discrepancy. Alternatively, if your device has become old, the chances are that it will display a no signal message and hence, replace with a new fire stick immediately.

Why Does the Amazon Fire TV No Signal Issue Persist?

Let us understand the reasons for an Amazon fire stick malfunctioning with no signal on HDMI. Prima facia, an old TV set, causes an error with video output due to its configurations. In such cases, if you revise the device’s settings, the chances are that issues may arise. Most of the time, revised settings do not suit the old HDMI port of the fire stick connection and cause an Amazon fire TV no signal issue.

Unadaptable Router Settings

If the Wi-Fi connection is not proper, it may hamper your speed and signal to the fire stick. In such unadaptable conditions, check the data monitoring of your fire stick through the guiding menu.

If you are connecting the fire stick with the USB port of your TV set, it will show a no-display dialogue box. Remember to install the fire stick with its designated power block always. Any hardware or deformity issue will prompt the fire stick to display a no signal error.

To fix any hardware issue, follow the steps below:

  • Figure out the port associated with your fire stick and check the connection with the outer gadget.
  • Reattach the HDMI link to the HDMI port in 15 seconds and plug the fire stick into any other port.
  • Unplug the supply of the TV and reconnect the two ports of the bargains link. Turn on the TV now and re plug the scheme.
  • Hold the volume down button with the power catch until the telephone dial appears. At this instance, place the sound down button to operate the recovery mode.
  • Even after proper connections, if the Amazon fire stick no signal issue arises, call a technician, and let him detect the problem.

Moreover, update the fire stick drivers from time to time to aid functionality. You need to install all the drivers correctly to ensure that the signal error vanishes.

Another common problem is the fire TV HDCP error that does not allow your device and tv to communicate. If such is the case, the fire stick will display a no signal dialog box. However, call a technical team to remove the HDCP and restart the system again.

Final Word

Have you stuck with an amazon fire TV no signal issue? In the first instance, all the above options are sufficient to tackle the no signal error.

However, in the rarest cases, if it is a hardware-related problem, you can tackle it by referring the issue to the customer service of Amazon.

You can even ask for help on Amazon live chat, where technical teams stand united to serve you in exchange for some records to confirm your identity.

If the issue is not solvable easily and requires a team, the Amazon team sends technicians to your home to eliminate the problem of the fire stick.

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