Let us discuss ways to fix a live view and restore the doorbell’s functionality in this blog. The Ring doorbell is a gadget that detects motion and sends you notifications. It allows you to see the complete video footage on your device.

However, many times, this live video feature does not work well and requires troubleshooting. We all know that Ring requires a strong Wi-Fi connection to work. So, if you have bad wiring you need to take the help of a licensed electrician from Wamberal.

So, technically a Ring live view not working might indicate problems with your internet connectivity. Such issues might arise when the doorbell cannot reach the router, or the connection might be slow.

In most cases, rebooting or relocating the doorbell might troubleshoot the problem. Let us discuss a few causes of the Ring live view not working and, let us discuss ways to solve them in this blog.

Ring Doorbell Is Not Online

If your Ring live view is not working, the chances are that the internet connectivity is unstable. If Ring does not have access to a Wi-Fi connection, many features, just like the live video, ceases to function correctly. An unstable Internet connection is one of the common causes for a Ring live view not working.

A Poor Internet Connection

If the Internet connection is slow or unstable, the live view will not work correctly, even when it has access to the internet. A slow connection will increase the time required for the video to load, and thus, will buffer frequently and not work as it should.

Alternatively, if the connection is unstable, the live view will not load. Remember that Ring needs to update video data continuously and requires a proper, working Internet connection to carry on with its activities, especially the live video feature.

Lack Of Power to The Ring Doorbell

An insufficient power supply causes hindrances in the live view and does not function properly. It works well on both the in-built battery as well as a direct power supply. If your doorbell does not have a backup internal battery, the Ring’s live view will stop working in any case of a power outage or voltage fluctuation. Once any such disturbance occurs, the live view feature will cease to work as the Ring doorbell won’t get enough power.

An Inefficient Camera

If your camera is defective, the Ring live view feature will stop working. There are chances that a crack on the camera lens or any particle is obstructing the field of view and, such irregularities may harm the proper functioning of the live view.

Bad Wiring

Wiring is an essential component for any appliance to function. However, faulty wiring may disturb the efficient functioning of the Ring doorbell. Besides the live view not working, faulty wiring will cause irregularities in other functions as the proper ringing of the doorbell. Thus, it becomes simple to identify faults to ensure appropriate connectivity and see if it fixes the problem. To fix faulty wiring you can hire a professional electrician from Penola.

Troubleshooting Ring’s Live View If It Is Not Working

Ensure a Fast Internet Connection

A strong Wi-Fi connection will solve many problems of the Ring doorbell’s live view not working. When the transmission of live view hampers, always cross-check for connectivity and if Ring connects to Wi-Fi.

To check this, log in to the admin panel and check for connection. If it shows connected but with no signal, troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Ring live view will get disrupted if you have a poor connection between your mobile phone and the internet or the Ring device and the router. A slow internet upload and download speed will cause a Ring’s live view not to work.

How To Test Slow Internet Upload and Download Speeds?

  • To test your internet speed, bring your mobile phone close to the Ring device.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to Ring’s official website.
  • Go to speed and click on the start button in the center to start the test.

After the test completes, look at the table below for results, where the green number will portray the download speed, and the blue one will show the upload speed. Your live view will function without disturbance when both the upload and download speeds are higher than 2Mbps. If the result portrays a slower connection, move your router closer to the Ring device or contact your internet service provider.

How To Check for Poor Connection Between Your Router and Ring Device?

  • Open your Ring app and tap the three lines on the top left.
  • Click on devices and check the Ring device which you would like to test.
  • Click on the Device Health Line and look at the signal strength under the Network section.

Ring’s live view not working is the result of poor signal strength. The problem is the result of the home’s layout or the interference of other gadgets within the signal line. Stucco, brick, metal, or large glasses can hamper the signal quality.

You can even download the Rapid Ring app if your Ring live view is not working. Rapid Ring app is a light view of Ring app that simultaneously works for a live view.

Fix Router Position

Ring’s live view will not work if the router position is wrong compared to the Ring doorbell. The router should be close to the bell for a firm connection. If many Wi-Fi users in the room use Wi-Fi from the same bandwidth, it will be a problem for your Ring doorbell. Switching to a 5GHz band can help solve this problem.


Cater To the Wiring

Faulty wiring and power supply issues will result in Ring’s live view not working. Improper wiring will disturb the live view and damage the device and needs an electrician to solve it. Ring advises consumers to let their official technicians do the wiring to last long enough without any issues.

Solve The Power Supply Problems

Ring Doorbell 3 plus

If Ring’s live view is not working, one of the reasons may be voltage fluctuation. Improper wiring issues may also result in problems related to charging. In such cases, rely on the backup internal battery of the Ring doorbell.

You can choose to move to a backup battery instead of an external power supply for uninterrupted power. An internal battery will help to solve the Ring’s live view working issue.

Update The Firmware

Suppose a new firmware is available, download and update the firmware to solve the Ring’s live view not working issue. The update will even solve any other problems of the device.

Ensure That You Have Not Disabled the Live View Feature

Many times, one disables the live view for some reason and then forgets to enable it back. If this is the case, go through the following steps and check if the video is enabled.

  • Open the Ring app and navigate to devise settings.
  • Choose video settings and tap on Enable live view.
  • Select apply changes or confirm.

Final Word

If your Ring’s live view is not working, do not panic and try out the above solutions one by one. Ensure that your wiring is intact and the internet functional.

If even, after trying, the live video does not surface, get in contact with Ring support and seek help from the experts.

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