There is so much that this digital world and technology have invented for us humans. But one of the best inventions has been voice control devices.

Many companies have come up with mobile phones and remotes that have voice control features.

One such company is Comcast that has come up with its Xfinity voice control remote. But what if this remote doesn’t work or has stopped working?

The reason behind your Xfinity remote voice not working doesn’t have to be serious every time. It might be an issue you can fix at your home all by yourself. If you are also facing the problem of Xfinity remote voice not working properly, then here are some ways you can check for possible issues and fix them.

Possible Reasons behind Xfinity Remote Voice Not Working

If your Xfinity remote is not working properly or not catching your voice instructions, here are some ways in which you can fix it. Go through the following ways to figure out and fix a problem in your Xfinity voice remote.

Physical Damage

One of the most common reasons behind a Xfinity remote voice not working properly is physical damage. If the remote has gone through any physical damage, then it won’t work properly.

So, the first thing to do is to check for any external signs of damage on the remote. If there is any physical damage visible, you can get it repaired and you are done!

However, physical damage doesn’t need to be only external. Some damages like the spilling of water or other liquids and getting dropped from a considerable height can cause damage that cannot be seen.

So, it is possible that the motherboard has been damaged, and some things are not working in the remote. If this is the case with you, you can get your remote checked and repaired by a professional.

Bad or Dead Batteries

Bad or old batteries are something that can cause working problems even to a brand-new device.

So, whether your Xfinity voice control remote is freshly opened, or you are using it for a while, do check your batteries. You may have a bad set of batteries, or they might have expired.

Even if you do not find it bad or expired, it is advisable to change them with a brand-new pair.

Sometimes, weak batteries work with all the buttons but do not help when it comes to voice control. So, try using your remote with a new pair of batteries to eliminate this issue.

Error in the Set-up

It is possible that an incomplete or incorrect set-up of your Xfinity remote was done. And this might be the reason the remote is not working properly now. An error in the setup may become a problem even after using the remote for a while.

There is a simple solution to eliminate this issue- resetting the remote. Though it is a simple process, you will still have to perform some steps all over again- reconnect the remote to all your devices, change all the settings back to your preferences. However, if all these steps lead you to a perfectly fine Xfinity remote, then everything is worth it.

Need for a Reboot

If you find no physical damage, bad batteries, or error in the set-up, then the problem of your Xfinity remote voice not working perfectly might just need a reboot to fix. For rebooting the device, turn off the power completely. Wait for a few minutes and then reboot it.

If the problem remains, you can also try rebooting the devices that relate to the Xfinity remote. It will allow the connections between different devices to refresh and may solve the problem. The devices connected with the remote can be rebooted the same way as the remote.

Fault in the Hardware

There is always a slim possibility of receiving a faulty device, no matter which company it is. Comcast, for sure, is a name that offers the best products and services, but it may be possible that the Xfinity device you are using is faulty.

If you have tried all the above ways to fix your voice control problem and guess that it is a faulty device, you can contact Comcast customer service for help. Once the Comcast customer service representatives visit, check the device and confirm that it is a faulty device, they might send you a new device or refund you.

However, if you have an older model of the device or it is not recently purchased, they might not offer a refund or a new product. It all depends on their policy of product replacement. 

These were the simple ways by which you can fix the problem of Xfinity remote voice not working efficiently. If you have a basic problem such as the above ones, you can fix it all by yourself without a professional.

 However, if your remote still doesn’t work after trying out all the way, then it is time you should consider calling in the pros. A professional would be able to understand even a complicated issue and will provide you with a reliable and long-term solution.

Now, what if your Xfinity voice control feature is alright but the buttons are showing a problem? Yes, a Xfinity voice control remote has voice controlling as its biggest feature but there are still some tasks you need buttons for. So, here are also some ways you can fix the unresponsive buttons of your remote.

Unresponsive Buttons?

Unresponsive Buttons

If the problem of your Xfinity remote voice not working has been fixed by the above ways but some of its buttons are yet not working, do not worry! Here are a few ways you can fix unresponsive buttons too.

The first thing you need to do is get your hands on the Xfinity remote. Now press any button on it or the button that’s not working. If the LED light on the remote doesn’t flash, this means that the batteries have drained out. You can replace them with a new pair and try again.

When you press a button and see the LED light flashing five times, this means that the batteries of your remote are running low, and they need replacement. After battery replacement, the remote would work just fine.

However, if your remote’s buttons still don’t work, you may need a remote replacement or can get your remote checked by a professional. In the case of unresponsive buttons, you can also contact the customer support services of Comcast for a more reliable solution.


Whether it is the buttons or the voice control feature that was a problem, it is important to resolve the issue.

How you resolve it though, depends on the gravity of the issue. You may solve the problem by yourself or might need a professional if it is complicated.

However, once you resolve the problem and get your Xfinity device all set, it will be all worth the wait and patience.

You can now enjoy being able to get your tasks done with just the command of your voice!

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