When thinking about the best televisions today, Samsung is one of the few names that instantly pops up in the mind. Its TVs keep up with technology and are yet so simple to use.

The latest ones also allow you to stream your favorite shows and movies with just a click. But what if you wish to set up a Chromecast on Samsung TV? People commonly have questions and queries when it comes to Chromecast on Samsung TV.

If you too are looking for an easy and clear way of setting up Chromecast on Samsung TVs, here is it. We will be discussing everything around and about the set-up of Chromecast and Samsung televisions.

How you can use the Chromecast in your TV depends on the type or model of TV you have. If you have a Samsung smart television, you might find Chromecast already installed in it.

On the other hand, you will have to set it up all by yourself if it is a standard model. You will find below the steps to set up Chromecast ready-to-use in both the above cases. So, let’s dig in.

Steps for Setting up Chromecast on Samsung TV- for the Smart Models

Steps for Setting up Chromecast on Samsung TV

Though you will find pre-installed Chromecast on most of the Samsung smart TVs but in some of them, you might not. You can get to know this easily from its feature manual. Anyways, if you have a pre-installed Chromecast on Samsung TV, here are the steps you can follow to use it.

  1. Download SmartThings App: SmartThings App is an app from Samsung that allows you to control various devices that can be compatible with Samsung. Once you install the app, you must log in. After logging in, the app will automatically detect various devices around you and your Samsung television would be one of them.
  2. Allow “Smart View”: Go to the user guide and choose the mobile phone’s screen that will be used for mirroring. After choosing the mobile phone, select screen sharing, or may be shown as a smart view.
  3. Configure a single network: To get started with screen sharing, both the devices (TV and the mobile phone) need to be on the same internet connection. Make sure that both are on the same Wi-Fi or network.
  4. Give Permission: Once you have set up the network, go to the SmartThings app on your mobile. Add your Samsung TV to it. The TV might ask for permission to share your screen, go ahead and allow it.

After following the above steps, select the smart view option to start streaming on your television whenever you want. These steps work when you want to set up Chromecast on a smart Samsung TV, but it won’t if it is a standard model. The process may also differ if you have a smart TV of another brand.

Now, if you want to set up a Chromecast that is separate from your tv, keep reading to know the steps!

Steps for Setting up Chromecast on Samsung TV- for Standard Model: 

Steps for Setting up Chromecast on Samsung TV

  1. Plug-in your Chromecast: The first step to get started is to externally connect the Chromecast with your tv set. The Chromecast comes with an HDMI cable that should be directly plugged into the tv. Then, connect the micro-USB cable with your Chromecast and the charging block to an outlet. Both the cables should be connected for the set-up to work.
  2. Download the google home app: Install the google home app from the google play store and log into it. This app is only needed for setting up in the beginning.
  3. Do what the app says: Once you have logged into your google home app, you must start the setup process by following the prompts on the screen. First, you will find a “+” symbol on the screen, select it and then choose Set Up Device. Next, choose New Device. Now, it may also ask you to fill in your Wi-Fi information. This depends on the generation of Chromecast you have.

Once your television and the Chromecast have been connected through the google home app, a code will pop up on your Samsung TV as well as on the mobile phone. You just must check the code on both the screens and tap on That’s My Code in your Chromecast application. At this point, you have successfully set up your Chromecast on Samsung TV. You are all ready to stream and binge-watch on your television now.

Problems That May Occur

Whether you have a standard Samsung tv or a smart one, the process of setting up Chromecast in both cases is not that complicated. The process goes smooth in both but even the smallest setback can get you irritated and disappointed. After all, every process has a possibility of various setbacks.

However, these small issues can be dealt with, if some time is spent on the preparation before the execution. So, here are a few possible issues that might occur while setting up Chromecast. Keep reading to know them with the solutions.

Chromecast Not Turning On

There is a possibility of your Chromecast not turning on due to some minor problems. If this happens, you can try using a different plug-in point or charging point or use another micro-USB charger.

If it still doesn’t start working, try resetting the device. Before starting the process, it is better to check the working of all the chords.

Chromecast Not Connecting to The Internet

It is a necessity for the mobile phone and tv to operate on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, having a Wi-Fi connection is not compulsory for a Chromecast to work. It is still beneficial to have one. 

Now, if the Chromecast doesn’t show a connection, check that the log-in credentials you have entered on the app are correct. Also, make sure that the Wi-Fi connection you are using is strong enough to stream online content. Sometimes, Chromecast doesn’t show a connection if it has a weak one.

No HDMI Ports

An older Samsung tv might not offer an HDMI port to connect Chromecast. But no worries, you can still have everything set up. You will have to buy an HDMI to AV converter in this case. Just connect your Chromecast’s HDMI cord to the converter device. Then, insert the RGB cables of the device into the back of your television.

Final Word!

Chromecast can be connected to both standard television sets and smart tv sets. The process also goes quite smoothly if you check all the pieces of equipment and their working before the execution of set-up.

Minor setbacks may come your way, but it will all be worth the hard work when you will get to binge-watch on your big screen!

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