Sliding doors are a popular choice for many homeowners because they provide an easy way to enter and exit the house.

These days, most sliding doors have glass panels that can make it difficult to keep them Impenetrable.

There are many reasons that people may want to make their sliding door Impenetrable, and the reasons can vary greatly.

For example, if you live in a high-crime area then it may be prudent for you to take steps to ensure that your home is as secure as possible.

Another reason might be because of an elderly or disabled family member who cannot open doors easily on their own.

In this blog post we will discuss how you can strengthen your sliding door so that it is not possible to break in through the entrance!

What Makes Sliding Doors Vulnerable?

One of the main reasons why sliding doors are vulnerable is because they typically have glass panels that allows people to see into your home. If a criminal can see inside, then it’s much easier for them to see where to break in.

Sliding doors also tend to be quite heavy, and if someone is trying to force their way in by pushing on one side, it’s common for the door to give way. There are ways for you to make your sliding door Impenetrable by adding glass panels that are stronger than normal and by putting metal reinforcement around the edge of the door frame.

You might also want to install locks on your sliding door which will keep it from being opened without a key or button release, preventing forceful entry by pushing or pulling.

Locks And Reinforced Panels

Another way that you can make your sliding door Impenetrable is with locks and reinforcement on the side panel. You can install locks on the side panel so that it doesn’t open all the way. This will prevent someone from being able to push their hand or a tool through and unlock your door.

You also need to have panels reinforced because if they are just plain glass then someone could break them with enough force and enter this way.

Add Window Film to The Glass

Another way that you can make your sliding door Impenetrable is to use window film on the glass panels. Window film, also known as window tint to many people in the United States, has been made in different ways over the years. In this article we will focus on one of the most common types: security films.

Security films are a type of film that can be applied to a window or door panel so that it blocks out some light and doesn’t let objects inside or outside through. This means that if someone tries to peer into your home by looking through your sliding door then they won’t be able to see much of anything. You can also use window film for glass panels in other rooms of your house if you are worried about someone peering in.

What Security Film Should You Use?

There are many options when it comes to window film, and you will need to consider what kind of film is right for your needs. Many people use security films because they can be custom cut so that the shape matches the panel perfectly which means it doesn’t show up at all!

Install a Security Pin

Another way that you can make your sliding door Impenetrable is to install a security pin. The security pins are very small, but they’re capable of preventing forceful entry by either pushing or pulling. These pins are also installed on the side of the door that slides and they slide into a groove along one edge of the door frame.

When someone tries to push on the door, it can’t be forced open because it hits the metal pin. This means that if you install a security pin then there’s no need for reinforcement and locks which are expensive and time-consuming to install.

Have a Monitored Alarm System?

You might want to have a monitored alarm system if you have a sliding door. If someone tries to break-in this way, then the alarm will sound so that you’ll know right away.

There are two types of home security systems:

Security Sensors

Security sensors are a good way to make your sliding door Impenetrable. You simply install the sensors on the frame of your sliding door so that they line up with the wall on either side. These sensors detect when someone is trying to enter and sound an alarm. It’s a good idea to have more than one sensor so that you have several points of defense in case someone breaks through one sensor.

When the sensor is triggered it sends a notification to your phone or home alarm system. You can also have sensors that are monitored by professionals who will notify authorities if they sense anything out of the ordinary.

Shatter Alarm Systems

Shatter alarm systems are the most effective way to keep intruders out of your home. These alarm systems use motion sensors to detect when a window or door is broken. When the sensor picks up movement, it will activate an alarm and notify authorities. The system is customizable and has 30 levels of sensitivity which will prevent false alarms while still catching intruders.

Upgrade Your Sliding Door Locks

One of the simplest ways to beef up your sliding door locks is by upgrading them. Replace your old, outdated locks with some sturdy ones that are difficult to get past. These locks should also be made of material that is hard to cut through.

Double Bolt Lock for Glass Sliding Doors

A double bolt lock for glass sliding doors is also a great way to up the security factor on your sliding door. This type of lock has an Impenetrable exterior and a heavy-duty, steel inner plate that helps secure the door.

This will make it much harder for intruders to break in and steal your valuables. It also makes them virtually impossible to access. The locks can’t be cut through easily, and they can only be opened from the inside, so you don’t have to worry about people barging in uninvited.

Patio Guardian PDG01-W Patio Door

With the Patio Guardian PDG01-W Patio Door Lock, you’ll never have to worry about someone breaking in through your sliding door again. The lock is designed for sliding glass doors with a thickness of up to 1/4 inch. It’s made from durable zinc alloy and has two keys included so that you can always keep one on hand.

This sturdy lock will provide peace of mind knowing that no one will ever break into your house through the front door again!

Cardinal Gates Patio Door Guardian, White
  • Ideal for home security and childproofing. NOTE : Kindly refer the user manual before usage of the...
  • Easy to install
  • Resists forced entry
  • Allows for ventilation without sacrificing security
  • Works on vinyl, aluminum, or wood sliding doors on INSIDE tracks only. DOES NOT WORK on patio doors...

Armored Latches

Armored latches are also a good way to make your sliding door Impenetrable. The latches can’t be replaced easily and are even made from steel! They too can only be opened from the inside, so you have no worries about intruders coming in through your door while you’re gone.

Security Barricades or Bars

One way to secure your sliding door is with Security Barricades. The security barricades are made in a way that prevents people from breaking through them. The barricade provides a lot of safety from the outside world by preventing anyone from getting through the window, even if they’re armed.

Security Barricades have been made tougher and stronger so that intruders can’t break them down easily. These barricades provide a lot of security for the inside of the home because they dramatically reduce the chance of someone successfully barge in.

The barricade bolts to the top and bottom of any door frame and locks together at either side with two steel locking clamps. It also has minimal openings so that it can’t be removed or tampered with.


When it comes to securing your sliding door, there are several things you can do to make sure that the job is done.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep intruders out while still enjoying everything this modern convenience has to offer. Here’s what we recommend for an Impenetrable sliding door!

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