We are going to explore the various solutions to fix the problem of Xfinity keeps disconnecting.

In the current time internet has become the essential part of everyone’s life. From a school student to an office worker, everyone needs a good speed internet connection. WIFI is fulfilling everyone’s demand for a good internet connection.

We are sure you can relate to the fact that WIFI disconnection is the most irritating thing when you are in the middle of something important.

Xfinity is one of the popular WIFI brands that several people are using. But most of them are complaining about the disconnection of the internet.

If you are also one of them, you are reading an absolute right article. We are going to tell you everything about this problem, from the reasons to solutions.

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Stepwise Guide to Fix the Problem of Xfinity Keeps Disconnecting

The very first step is to check the reason for the problem. It may be because of various factors. Some of them are temporary and can be solved easily. At the same time, some of them may need an expert to resolve the problem. In case if you already know the exact reason for your WIFI disconnection, then skip all the steps and focus on one which matches your problem.

If you have no clue about the reasons then, follow all the steps with us.

Check The Connection of Cables

Check every cable connection. There might be some loose cables that are creating the problem of Xfinity keeps disconnecting. Take out all the cables, blow some air from your mouth and insert them again. Make sure you insert them tightly.

Check if any cable is damaged or not. If you have rats running all around your house, damaged cables may be a common problem. If there is small damage then, wrap it with electric tape. Do not hesitate to change the whole cable if you find it with a lot of damage.

Move to the second step if everything is fine with the cable part.

Check The Switch Of WIFI

You might be laughing after reading this step, but sometimes treasure is in front of us, and we keep digging the ground to find it. We all are living such a busy life that sometimes we skip the common points. So it may be possible that you forget to switch on the WIFI. So before jumping to the next step and calling the helpline number doesn’t forget to check the switch of the WIFI. Don’t be embarrassed if you seriously forget to switch on the WIFI. We all repeat the same mistake often.

Go To the Router

The router is the tool that is going to decide the strength of your WIFI network. If you have placed the router on the ground, pick it up and keep it at some height. If you are trying to connect the device with a WIFI that is far away from you, it will not connect.

You must move your lazy head to the place nearer to the router. If you have some table or showpiece that is coming between the router and your device, the signal may be hindered in that case. Make sure there is a direct connection between your router and the device that you are using.

Sometimes the router gets jammed. If that is the case, you need to call your WIFI agency and ask someone to come over and check the router. But before doing this, take a piece of cloth and wipe up all the dust that is accumulated at the router. Piled-up dust may cause trouble to get a good WIFI signal.

Place the router away from the place with water like a fish tank. All the electronic things need good care with regular cleaning. If you don’t organize the electronics well and left them dirty, unfortunately, they will stop working very soon. So don’t forget to clean the router to enjoy the full-speed WIFI.

Reduce The Number of Connected Devices

WIFI may show less speed if you have connected a lot of devices with it. This may happen at places where WIFI strength is not good. And you are also overloading the devices. So try to disconnect most of the devices. It may help to fix the Xfinity keeps disconnecting problem and increase the speed of the network.

It may be possible that the IT guy living in your neighborhood has hacked your password. And he is enjoying a fast connection with your WIFI. Be aware of these things. Buy a WIFI analyzer. It will show you the exact number of the connected device.

Restart Everything

Sometimes restarting the devices may help to solve all the problems. Don’t restart the device that you are using, but the router. First of all, disconnect the WIFI from every device and take out the plug of the router. Now wait for 5 minutes and insert the plug again. Connect the WIFI again to your device. It may reduce some of the glitches that are causing the WIFI disconnection problem.

Uninstall the Security Software

It may be the security software of your device that is hindering the WIFI connection in a particular device. This security software has been added to the devices so that the device system remains safe from foreign activities. It may also stop your device from connecting with the WIFI. In that case, you have to disable that software to enjoy the WIFI connection.

Have You to Pay the WIFI Bill for This Month?

Again, this is a common mistake that everyone can make. Xfinity keeps disconnecting because you forget to pay the WIFI bill for this month. And your dealer has cut the connection. So make sure you don’t repeat this type of silly mistake.

Check The WIFI Interference

To perform this step, you must buy a WIFI analyzer. It will automatically check if there is any kind of WIFI interference or not. The analyzer will give you a brief description of everything, from the WIFI strength to the technical problem. In case you find any clue from there, start working on it to fix the Xfinity keeps disconnecting problem.

Check The Device That You Are Using

It may be possible that the fault lies in the device that you are using, and the whole blame goes to the Xfinity WIFI. If all the above steps don’t work for you, it’s time to check your device now. Restart it and connect the WIFI again.

Check if the other device is also not connecting with the WIFI or it’s just one device. Go through the setting of WIFI of your device and fix everything there.

These were the steps that you can follow to fix the Xfinity keeps disconnecting problem. Repeat each of them one by one. If you don’t find the problem and solution even after repeating these steps, then there is some serious issue with your Xfinity WIFI.

It may be some technical or electric fault. In this case, call your WIFI dealer and discuss everything with him. Ask him to send a special mechanic to check the router and fix the WIFI disconnecting problem.

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