When you think of great high-quality cameras for security purposes, Blink is one of the few names that come to mind. Blink offers the best outdoor and indoor cameras with competitive quality and rate. So, when it comes to the security of a home, Blink is an obvious choice. However, even the best of cameras might need a refreshment occasionally, that is resetting.

If you are also trying to find out how you can reset your Blink camera all by yourself, keep reading. We will be discussing everything about the reset process of Blink cameras. But first, it is better to know why you need to reset your Blink camera and if you really need to do it.

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Why Do You Need Resetting?

There can be various reasons behind wanting to reset blink cameras. But the most important and common reasons that people prefer resetting for, are:

  1. The camera is not working properly.
  2. The user wishes to get the camera back to default settings.

Various small problems often get solved when Blink cameras are reset. So, if you are also wishing to solve an issue or get the camera’s default settings back, then you should reset your Blink camera.

Here, we will be telling you about the ways you can reset Blink camera XT2 and Blink camera Mini. These two cameras are the most common choices people make. So, keep reading to know how you can reset these models.

How to Reset Blink Camera- XT2

How to Reset Blink Camera- XT2

Blink XT2 cameras come for both indoors and outdoors. If your XT2 camera, whether indoors or outdoors, goes through any issues, here is how you can reset it to solve the issue.

For resetting your Blink camera, you will need the Sync module. This module will act as a linking bridge between the camera and the internet. The sync module will make it easy for you to reset all your cameras at once. You will find a reset button on the sync module which will reset the whole system at once. Without the module, you will have to reset separately.

When you reset the Blink camera with the sync module, your camera will go offline. Then, you will have to delete your sync module through the Blink app and install it again. Here are the steps to delete and reinstall your sync module:

  1. Open your Blink app and tap on the “?” icon.
  2. Out of all the options available, tap on the Delete sync module option.
  3. Once you select the option, you will have to enter your sync module serial number when prompted.
  4. After entering the number, you will find the option of Delete. When you select the option to delete, the sync module will be deleted. Now, it is time to reinstall it.
  5. For reinstalling the module, go to Home and click on the option of Add “+”.
  6. Now, select your system and enter the sync module serial number again, when prompted.
  7. Tap on Discover device and select Join when you find yours. Now, you have successfully reinstalled the module.

So, this is how you delete and reinstall the sync module on the Blink app to reset Blink camera. Now, to reset Blink camera completely, you also need to reset the Blink module through its button. Here’s how to do it:

You will find a reset button located on the side of the sync module. You must press this button for around 10 to 15 seconds. You need to hold the button till you see the light turn red. Once you see red, leave it free. You will see solid green and blue lights flashing when the reset will be done.

Many people find this process to reset Blink camera with the sync module quite long. Well, it surely takes some time, but it is worth it when you are wishing to solve a problem with your camera. However, this is not the only method of refreshing a Blink camera or solving a problem in it. There are some more quick ways you can try out to fix a problem.

There is another method that you can try to solve any small issues with the camera. It is unplugging the cameras from the power source and plugging them back in. If you are facing any small or rather simple issues, then doing this will probably solve them. It is an easy method to refresh your camera if you do not want to reset it.

One more method that can be used to reset Blink camera is using the power cycle mode. It is probably one of the easiest methods and doesn’t even require any extra work. First, you can try power cycling your internet modem.

You just need to unplug your Wi-Fi router and modem from the power source. Plug them back in after a minute or two. When you plug them back in, you should see green and blue lights flashing.

Now, if you do not see those lights flashing, you can go further with power cycling your sync module. You just need to unplug the sync module for the power source. After waiting for 10 to 20 seconds, plug the module back into the power source. After plugging it back in, you should see green and blue lights flashing after a minute or two.

Now, let’s go through how you can reset Blink camera Mini.

How to Reset Blink Camera – Mini

How to Reset Blink Camera - Mini

Unlike the Blink camera XT2 that we have discussed above, the mini version doesn’t need you to have a Sync module. You can reset it easily and quickly without the module. The resetting of this camera can be done with just a click of a button.

You will find a reset button at the bottom of your Blink mini camera. You just need to long-press this button for 10 to 15 seconds. Once you long press, the process of resetting will be started. You will see clear green and blue light when the resetting is done.

Though you can easily reset blink camera mini without the sync module, it is not a problem even if you have the camera connected with it. You can reset the blink mini even with the sync module.

You will have to follow the exact steps for its reset as mentioned for the XT2 version with the sync module. This means that you will have to do the whole process of deleting and reinstalling the sync module on the Blink app.

Is Resetting the Solution?

Resetting a Blink camera has proven to be quite beneficial for various small and rather petty issues. It is because the connections of the camera sometimes break and resetting the camera solves the issue.

However, if your camera doesn’t work properly even after resetting it by the above methods, then it might have something serious going on. You can call in the pros in such a case.

Even if you don’t have an issue with your camera and just want the default settings back, resetting the Blink camera will always work.

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