Doorbells are pretty helpful to let you know about the arrival of guests. These guests may be invited or uninvited. Remember those days when you had to look through a peephole? That’s the only way to recognize the person visiting your home! Unfortunately, doorbells could only indicate the arrival of guests & nothing else!

What if you can view who is at the doorstep without opening the door? Well, a doorbell camera is a perfect solution for it. Nowadays, these doorbell cameras also provide an option to have a conversation with the person at your doorstep.

Isn’t the doorbell camera quite useful? You can view the person at the doorstep and have a brief conversation before letting them in. These features are also available when you are not at your home. So, your house remains secure! You would surely want to buy the best, right? No doubt, the ADT doorbell camera is the best in the business.

ADT doorbell cameras can either be recharged or directly connected to the main switch of the house. Once the person who wishes to enter your home arrives, they press the doorbell, and it rings. The live video feed can be accessed to have a conversation with the person at the doorstep.

What happens if the ADT doorbell camera is not working due to some unforeseen issues, it results in the ADT doorbell camera not working? As a result, you cannot access the features of the doorbell camera. So, in this article, we will guide you through why the ADT Doorbell camera blinking red is a simple yet easy way to solve the problem.

Why Is the ADT Doorbell Camera Not Working?

If you are an alert and vigilant person, you will take utmost care about the protection of your house. So, installing a safe & sound ADT security system will ease this issue. But it would be best if you kept a periodic yet constant watch over the functioning of it.

Let’s narrow it down to our problem. Why is the ADT doorbell camera not working? Is it because it has gone offline? Or has the battery power of the camera culminated?

The most commonly seen observation is the ADT doorbell camera blinking red! What does that mean? Is it something related to internet connectivity? Or is it something associated with the battery of the doorbell camera? We will find out soon. So, let us begin without any further ado.

Why is ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red?

Always remember when a machine emits red light suddenly, it surely means that it is trying to communicate some message. Mostly, this message is some anomaly within its functioning. When the case of the ADT doorbell camera not working arises, then it emits red light. It means that there is some malfunction in the working. So, let us figure this out!

When the ADT doorbell camera is blinking red, it primarily indicates two possible reasons. Sadly, both these issues are pretty problematic and need to be solved as soon as possible. So, let us analyze these problems and discuss the different ways of troubleshooting the ADT doorbell camera.

Blinking red light indicates two problems that are:

  1. Unstable Internet Connection as ADT doorbell camera requires stable network connectivity.
  2. Low Battery means you need to recharge the ADT doorbell camera.

Let’s solve the first problem:

Unstable Internet Connectivity

Unstable internet connectivity is quite a simple problem to troubleshoot. They are mostly related to Wi-Fi connectivity issues. So, let us solve them!

Firstly, you need to check your Wi-Fi connectivity. Next, you need to check whether there are any issues with the router. If everything is well & good, then check the strength of the internet connectivity.

Yes! There may be a chance that the connectivity is stable, but the power of the connection may have been weak. You need to ensure that there is at least 90% signal strength. Also, for the proper functioning of the ADT doorbell camera, the minimum requirement of 2 Mbps upload speed must be provided at the source.

Also, if you observe a red circle around the ADT doorbell, it indicates a fluctuation of the internet connectivity. Once you solve the problem, the red light disappears, and the usual blue light will re-emerge. So, the internet connectivity issue has been sorted out. If the ADT doorbell camera is still blinking red, then it means that there is an issue with the battery.

Tip: You can also take the help of the ADT Pulse App that can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices. This application can help you to have a look at the issues going on with the devices.

Low Battery & Other Battery-Related Issues

So, even after solving the internet connectivity issue, if it still results in the ADT Doorbell Camera not working, the problem exists with the battery. The red blinking light of the ADT doorbell camera indicates that the battery is about to end. So, it would be best if you recharged the battery as soon as possible.

You may not be sure about the amount of time left with you, as the battery may end in the next few hours or may even last long for a few days. So, you need to solve the problem without wasting any more time. So, let’s deep dive into the procedure of charging the battery. The process is undoubtedly not the easiest ones.

How to Recharge the Battery of the ADT Doorbell Camera?

How to Recharge the Battery of the ADT Doorbell Camera

All you need is to remove the faceplate of the doorbell firstly. Next, you will notice a charging port of the battery. You will require a mini USB cable that will be plugged into the charging port. The other end of the USB cable can be plugged into the source. Now, wait till the battery is recharged to 100%. Usually, it takes around an hour for one complete charge. The recharging will keep the ADT doorbell camera working for a couple of months.

Once you recharge the battery completely (also if the problem is solved), the color gets restored to solid green, indicating a full charge. Now, you need to unplug the mini USB cable, then restore the faceplate of the doorbell. If recharging the ADT doorbell camera battery doesn’t do the trick, you need to replace the battery or bring in an expert to look at the problem.

Tip: ADT doorbell cameras can be directly connected to the main supply to eliminate the hassle of recharging the battery. This will also stop blinking red lights (if it is related to the battery). You can hire a professional electrician (DIY is not recommended) to connect the ADT doorbell camera to the main supply. Indeed, it might be a bit expensive, but it is worth the price!

How Can One Check the Battery Status of The ADT Doorbell Camera?

The ADT Pulse App allows you to check the battery status and provides you with a low battery warning.

Final Words

If your ADT doorbell camera is not working, then the ADT doorbell camera usually indicates it by a blinking red light. We hope that this guide has helped you configure the problem and troubleshoot and find a solution. If the problem persists, then you can call for expertise.

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