Blink Cameras uses a module for storing captured footage that is known as the Blink Sync Module. You can easily store more than 7000 seconds of captured footage inside the camera with the help of this module.

As the camera works on Wi-Fi along with a power source and becomes disconnected sometimes. So, it is very important to understand all the processes and guides related to the working of the Blink Sync Module.

In this guide, we will discuss the process to reset the Blink Sync Module. We will discuss the complete in-depth process of resetting the Blink Sync Module with the help of a step-by-step guide. We will also discuss when and why you need to reset the Blink the Module and all the extra information related to it.

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What Does the Blink Sync Module Do?

What Does the Blink Sync Module Do

The Blink Sync Module is a key component of Blink Camera which makes sure that all your camera remains connected to the network every time. It also acts as a medium between your cameras to your smartphones or smart devices.

Why Would You Need to Reset Blink Sync Module?

During the power cut or when your Wi-Fi drops, it will disconnect the Blink camera from the network. That is why you may need to reset the Blink Sync Module to reconfigure the network connection and make it work properly again.

Sometimes, resetting the Blink Sync Module is crucial, as you must reboot the whole system when the problem arises.

If you have planned to shift your camera to a new place with a different Wi-Fi connection, such as your office or any other location, you will also have to reset your Blink Sync Module to make it work properly. Resetting the module will allow you to add the new Wi-Fi credentials.

Some of the other reasons behind resetting the Blink Sync Module are updates. If your Blink Camera has disconnected during the update process, then you must reset the Blink Sync Module to make it work again. The Best thing behind resetting the Blink Sync Module is that it will make the performance smoother and more stable after the reset operations.

Reset Blink Sync Module: Step by Step Reset Guide

Follow the below steps to reset your Blink Sync Module successfully:

  • Step 1: Firstly, you must physically locate the Blink Sync Module itself.
  • Step 2: You must find the RESET button (it should be located beside the USB port).
  • Step 3: Then, you must grab a pen or any pointed tool such as a paperclip or small screwdriver to press the RESET button as it is located inside a small hole. You must hold the RESET button for a few seconds until the light on the Blink Sync Module turns red. Most of the time, this process takes 15 to 30 seconds or even longer.
  • Step 4: After that, leave the button and place the module steadily as it goes through its own internal reset process.
  • Step 5: You must wait until the red light turns to green; it indicates that the Blink Sync Module is again ready to start the work.
  • Step 6: Now, you must visit the Blink application on your smartphone and delete all the previous Sync Module profiles. It is very easy to delete, and you must select and hold the module you want to delete. Now, you must wait until the application itself finalizes the decision.

What Does the Reset Button Do on Blink Cameras?

What Does the Reset Button Do on Blink Cameras

The Physical Reset button available on the back of the Blink Sync Module does not reset the camera. It is only used to reinitialize the network settings, which helps in adding the camera to a blink system. The Reset button is mostly used when you want to change the camera location or when there is a change of the Wi-Fi network.

There are also some color indications, such as a solid red color light indicating that the camera does not have the Wi-Fi connection and needs to be reset to properly work again.

Blink does not allow its users to reset the cameras completely, which are linked to a system. It may sound strange, but this is done to prevent theft and robbery. If you want to reset the camera completely, you must take it to the Blink support care and provide them all the necessary information such as purchase receipt, serial number, etc.

Final Words

It is essential to keep your Blink Sync Module connected to a secure Wi-Fi network and a stable power source to maintain a reliable camera feed.

If by any chance the Blink camera got disconnected, then to reconnect it again, you must reset the Blink Sync Module. Resetting will help in reinitializing all the network settings and allow the camera to connect to a network again.

The Reset process is also straightforward, and you must follow the above steps. Resetting will also be required when you want to change the camera’s location or while connecting to a new Wi-Fi network.

This is all about this guide, and we hope you find it helpful. If you still have any queries or questions related to this guide, you can ask us by commenting below.

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