In this blog, let us find if Google Home is compatible with Zigbee or if a Zigbee hub is needed. Prima facia, Google Home has features that ease out things for its users.

However, it has a lot of compatibility issues, especially with the Zigbee technology. Most of the devices work well with Google Home and, you can verify the same from the device’s packaging.

If you need Google Home only for smart bulbs or plugs via Wi-Fi, you do not need a Zigbee hub to make it work.

If there is a tremendous load of more than seven bulbs, you will need a Zigbee hub as Google Home is not friendly with the Zigbee protocol. In such cases, use Zigbee hubs like Hue bridge or Smart things hub to solve the problem.

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What Does Google Home Offer Individually?

Google Home allows you quick weather updates and reminders to keep a check on your schedule. It helps you control your phone applications and even plays music. It recognizes audio instructions and performs tasks accordingly. In the case of Zigbee technology, you will need a hub to perform functions simultaneously.

The Importance of Zigbee Hub:

A Zigbee hub controls a single device or multiple portals with a single connection. The simple device eases your routine and helps you talk with the Google Home with an audio control to do your jobs. It is a rectangular screened device with display controls that lets you control house appliances such as lights and locks.

With the help of a Zigbee hub, you can add parental locks to your appliances connect your devices and locate them. A ZigBee hub sets reminders to notify you of your routine, organizes devices by room configuration, and displays your photos.

How To Set Up a Zigbee Hub?

  • Find a place that suits the device and keep it there.
  • Install the Google Home app and plug-in your hub.
  • Connect devices with the portal, customize the settings, set locations, and voice controls.

Place the device in such a way that most of the devices connected to the hub remain close. Additionally, secure it in a central place at your home or office, bedroom or kitchen. If you have not downloaded the Google Home app on your smartphone, you cannot set the device. Hence, download it immediately.

Once the app downloads, opening it will display a brief list of steps to complete the installation and plug your Google Home device into the Zigbee hub. In the app, go to the Google hub screen, Click on Add, and set up a new portal for your home.

How To Connect Google Home with The Zigbee Hub?

Use A Bridge:

Use a bridge to act as the missing joint between Google Home and the Zigbee technology. The bridge will be a common communication point between your devices and control panels.

A bridge translates information and conveys it in a form that can process each of the two controlling parties. Thus, it is a must addition as there is a lot of communication gap between Google Home and Zigbee technology.

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How To Use a Bridge to Connect Google Home and Zigbee?

Philips Hue offers a set of bridges to connect the Zigbee hub and Google Home that cannot communicate well with each other. Let us learn how to establish a connection.

  • Open the Google Home app and tap on the three lines on the top left that are the menu.
  • Select home control and press the plus sign to add new devices. The symbol is present at the bottom right corner.
  • Select ‘Philips Hue bridge’
  • Follow the instructions and tap the pair button.
  • Press the link button on your Philips Hue bridge and leave it as it is for a minute or two to allow both devices to pair up properly. Once the process completes, you will receive a notification. After this step, Google Home will connect to your Zigbee hub properly.

For all other devices apart from Philips Hue, use the same procedure for connection. You can now assign devices to specific rooms, create routines and operate without disturbance.

Hubs, the best Zigbee devices

Use a Zigbee Hub

Pair up the Google home and Zigbee technology by using a hub specially designed for a purpose.

What is a Zigbee Hub?

A Zigbee hub connects to devices on your home automation port and controls the communication between them.

Apart from local device hubs, some portals connect to the cloud using (loT) Internet of Things devices. Such cores are appropriate for Zigbee technologies as they use Zigbee protocols instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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The core ties independent components to a central system and aids the smooth functioning of the network. A Zigbee hub makes routine less confusing as it allows a person to control devices using a single phone app.

Moreover, it diverts traffic from your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network and eases network congestion when necessary.

How To Connect Google Home and Zigbee Through the Zigbee Hub? 

  1. Download the portals app on your phone, iOS, or Android, and create an account. Open the Google Home app on your phone and click on home.
  2. Tap the plus icon and select Set up the device.
  3. Navigate to “works with Google” and tap on if you have something to set up.
  4. Select the Zigbee hub and enter the e-mail address of your account.
  5. Tap next, enter your password, and click on Sign-In.
  6. Navigate to the “from” menu. Choose the location of your Zigbee hub and authorize all routines and devices.
  7. Tap bone and separate devices between rooms.

Do You Need a Zigbee Hub?

The need for a Zigbee hub depends on your usage and what you want to work. If you have any devices like the Ring doorbell or Ecobee thermostat, or any devices that use the Zigbee or Z-wave protocol, better invest in a Zigbee hub. Let us look at some of the best Zigbee hubs available in the markets.

Second Generation Samsung Smart Things

Launched at the end of 2015, the Samsung Smart Things is a popular choice for the automated home market. It uses device type handlers (DTH) units to communicate with Zigbee devices and identifies them with the platform used and controlled via the phone app.

A Smart Things hub supports many devices like Kwikset 910 deadbolt, 912 locks, 914 touchpad deadbolt, Fidure thermostat, Vale key free lock. 

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Vera Controls Vera Plus

Launched in 2016, Vera control vera plus supports a wide range of Zigbee hub devices like Centralite appliance modules, wall sockets, centralite censors, GE plugs, and about 125 others.

Wink Hub-2

Launched in 2016, it supports about 500 Zigbee devices with its sleek design and wall-mounted touch screen controller for families.

The hub supports GE and Lutron bulbs, Kwikset, and Yale locks in its default setup with default alerts and settings and a suitable automated home configuration.

Final Word

No. Google Home is not compatible with the Zigbee protocol and requires solutions like Zigbee hubs to get Google to work with Zigbee devices.

Depending on your use, a protocol will help you centralize your devices and work more efficiently with them.

A hub will allow access control from a single phone app and buying one will save you extra time and effort.

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