Mississauga is a part of the Greater Toronto Area, but it’s much more than just a suburb of Toronto. The city has its thriving downtown core with restaurants, shops, higher education institutions, shopping malls, parks, community festivals, and bus and train transit.

Mississauga is ideal for young professionals, family-oriented people, and downsizers who want to retire. If you want to buy a house in Mississauga, it might be the right place.

Six Reasons to Move to Mississauga

Mississauga is Canada’s seventh largest city, with one of the most successful communities. Due to its innate beauty and incredible diversity, Mississauga is a preferred destination for tourists, first-time buyers, and investors. There are plenty of reasons why you should think about buying real estate in the city, including:

#1. There’s Something Here for Everyone

Whether you’re coming to Mississauga as a young professional, couple, or family, the city has excellent accommodation options for every budget and preference. In fact, Mississauga is a paradise for those who want to live and work here because it has reasonable real estate prices and services, all within reach, schools, and parks. From retirement communities to new construction homes, townhouses, semi-detached, detached, executive homes, or high-rise condos, endless opportunities exist to satisfy every income level. Some of the most excellent neighborhoods include Lorne Park, Erin Mills, Streetsville, Mineola, and Erindale.

#2. Plenty of Transportation Options

If you do not have a car, you can easily count on the reliable transportation options in Mississauga, including the GO Train (the commuter rail system operating in the GTA), Mississauga Transit, taxis, Uber, and Lyft. Depending on where your job is, your employer may provide you with a reimbursement program for your transportation.

#3. Excellent Quality of Life

Studies have shown that the residents are delighted with life here. According to a survey, 90% of citizens feel Mississauga is a welcoming community. Moreover, 88% say they are proud to say they are from Mississauga, while 82% feel the city’s diversity is one of its strengths.

The city council is also committed to keeping the city safe and healthy for every citizen while ensuring environmental protection and sustainability.

#4. Many Employment Options

According to Express Employment Professionals, the city has the sixth hottest job market in the country. The growth in communications and technology industries in the area made the town a central hub for workers in tech. Most choose to live in Mississauga and commute to Toronto throughout the Toronto-Waterloo tech corridor. Some of the companies you can find here include IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, Intuit, and Salesforce.

#5. Neverending Opportunities for Recreation

One of the stand-out perks of moving to Mississauga is the fantastic natural features. The 1.000-kilometer Credit River offers the best place to fish, kayak, or canoe. If you want some activity in the downtown core, Celebration Square is home to plenty of outdoor interactive installations, concerts, an ice rink in the winker, and many more. You can also opt for Riverwood Conservancy, Lakefront Promenade, Meadowvale Conservation Area, Erindale Park, or the largest shopping center in Canada, Square One Shopping Mall.

For those craving family-oriented activities, Mississauga has you covered. It offers a wide range of amenities that reflect the city’s incredible and multicultural bent. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor entertainment, you’ll find everything you could ever hope for in Canada’s safest city.

#6. Moderate Weather

The city’s weather is another selling point, as it is moderate. The warmest weather can reach up to 26°C from June through September and hit an average of -6°C in the year’s coldest month. This means you’ll have the chance to experience the cold, the hot, and everything in between without facing long-lasting extremes.

Mississauga is an excellent place to live in, no doubt about it. Due to its incredible array of eclectic neighborhoods, thriving business community, and affordable cost of living (6% lower than Toronto), Mississauga can provide a perfect fit for your family.



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