Most people install a swimming pool in their backyards. If you were planning to get a pool in your house, then the backyard is probably the right place for it. The question here is whether your backyard is suited for a swimming pool. There is, of course the size to be considered. You need to look at whether your backyard has sufficient free space to install a pool. Apart from space, there are other considerations to keep in mind. The article looks at all these considerations.

Space – the key consideration

The key consideration in deciding if your backyard can have a pool is space. You need to have sufficient free space in your backyard. There may already be plants, trees, and any other constructions. You need to see if the free space available is suitable for a pool. You may need to get the pool type depending on the space available.

For instance, if the space is very little you probably can only get a hot tub or container pool. If you have a little more space, you can have a plunge pool. With a large space in the backyard, you can consider the regular large-sized pool. If you have space with a little width and more length, you can choose a lap pool. The pool type you choose depends on the free space available unless you decide to cut down trees and make your backyard free (which is a troublesome process).

Ideally, you should add the pool at the time of building your home. This will allow you to first get the pool and then fill the backyard with greenery and any other constructions. This may though not be possible practically. In such a case, you need to make the best of available space.

Space for equipment

Your pool also needs some equipment to go with it. You will need a pump to filter water. You may also plan to add lighting, in which case space is needed. The pump should be near the pool and should be on a level surface.

The Slope

The good news is that even if you have sloping land, you can get a pool installed. This is why you need to get a site inspection done by a pool contractor. This will allow you to get the best estimate for your pool design and the costs. Apart from the slope, drainage is another key factor. The drainage needs to ensure water flows away from the house. If the water flows towards the house, it can even compromise the foundation. You also need to consider the kind of rainfall in the area and how it affects drainage. This is why you need a professional to decide on this.


Your backyard must be accessible to the pool contractors to install a pool. If, for instance, it is covered on all sides by buildings, then accessibility is difficult. In such a case, shifting the pool and getting the materials may be difficult. In these situations, a large crane can be used to transfer the pool. However, it would be a bit expensive. In case of access needed through a neighbour’s yard, you need to get permission.

One more consideration is the nature of the soil and what lies below the ground. If you have hard rock below, then a lot of excavation will be needed. If there are large boulders, then it may be very difficult to get an in-the-ground pool, as it may need to be blasted. Whatever may be the type of soil, there would be a solution. You need to talk to an expert who can tell you how it can be done. You must be prepared for higher costs in case of problems with the soil or with rocks below. Bella Contracting Excavation Services is the perfect choice for anyone looking to hire a reliable and professional team for their excavation needs.

Layout of the yard

Not all yards are square or rectangular. If the shape is odd, then that has to be considered. You can have freeform pool designs that can even fit an irregularly shaped yard. The layout of the yard will allow the pool contractor to understand how to do the installation in the best possible way. For instance, you may already have a sprinkler system installed. This may need to be moved. There may be power lines close to the home. This can make using a crane difficult. This is why a site inspection is needed before deciding how suitable your backyard is for a swimming pool.


The location of the pool should be such that it has sufficient space around it. If space is limited, you can even enter the pool from the door by installing steps. An above the ground pool can help in such a situation, and it also is safer. While installing the pool, it must be placed in the north position. This allows the pool to get natural sunlight to warm it. This can save you heating expenses.


You will need approvals and permits from local authorities before you get a pool installed. Do you know the planning and safety laws for brisbane? The pool contractor would usually take care of this. But key things to be considered are the proximity of power lines, stormwater drains, gas pipes, sewers, etc. If these are present very close to your backyard, then you need to take extra precautions as any damage caused will be very expensive. You need to plan your pool layout and the construction in such a way that it avoids such utilities. You will need to submit this plan before you can get a permit to go ahead with construction.

Deciding if your backyard is suited for a swimming pool is not so easy. It needs a lot of thought as there are many factors that come into play. Unless you want a hot tub or plastic pool, you need to get a professional inspect your backyard. An experienced pool contractor or company can tell you the best way to get a pool for your backyard and the costs involved. This is something you need to do first to ensure the entire process is done smoothly.



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