Summer is around the corner. You have probably been staying indoors to stay safe during freezing months and now cannot wait to enjoy the sun. But is your outdoor area ready to welcome beautiful weather? Chances are you ignored your open-air space like others. It’s hard to beat a location where you may have summer or spring get-togethers or relax and enjoy the nice weather.

Several people leave the open area empty, thinking that placing furniture and renovating the area may require a handsome amount of money. Some feel that it will be laborious and consider updating outdoor space-time and energy as a waste. The truth is you can add an appealing look to your backyard, patio, or terrace by being creative and adding new things.

So, if you want to soak sunlight up in your home and add glamor to your outdated area, make a few changes here and there. Let’s explore some innovative ideas to see how you can upgrade space for this summer:

1. Install a Shade

The weather can be unpredictable. Sometimes even high technology fails to forecast the temperature correctly. We understand that covering outer space kills the purpose of having an open-air space. However, you can think smartly and cover some of the areas.

Today, markets have plenty of options that come in a wide range of prices. Research the market and install a shade accordingly. Moreover, you can easily enjoy the outdoors, with some cover even in mild, rainy weather. The key is to install an appropriate shade as per the house structure and location. You can type your location and requirement in the search bar and get recommendations. For instance, people residing in San Diego can type shade cover San Diego CA and pick one as per their budget and preference.

2. Infuse Art in the Décor

Art in an outdoor area may seem like an outrageous idea initially, but it will be upbeat to the look of the space. Put an antique sculpture, hang an exquisite painting or place some artistic frames on tables or corners. Blending art into the décor of the patio, balcony, or terrace will amp up the look of the entire house. You can take help from YouTube videos and indulge in some DIY projects to create some art pieces.

3.Upgrade Lighting

An effortless way to upgrade outdoor space this summer is to change the lighting of open-air spaces. Install a classy chandelier and give the place an elegant vibe or install some built-in bulbs to accentuate the area’s essential aspects.

Fairy lights appear fancy and change the look of an entire place. Moreover, with these lights, you can be creative and decorate the place to your liking. Upgrading the lighting will boost the ambiance and make your outer space ready to welcome the beautiful season.

4. Incorporate Greenery

Not all outdoor spaces have lush green trees and shrubs. Several people think growing plants will be an added chore for them. The truth is greenery in an area lifts the look of the place and makes it appear more vibrant. Furthermore, it purifies the air and helps in creating a soothing environment.

You can put ficus plant pots in table corners. Another idea is to hang planters and make the wall green. Recycle plastic bottles, containers, and other objects and turn them into pots to grow some plants for your terrace or balcony.

5. Establish a Focal Point

Sometimes, when we enter a place, a specific object holds attention immediately and does not allow us to focus on anything else. You can do the same in your space, offering open air. Establish a focal point for your outdoor space. You do not have to be extravagant and spend lavishly; you can keep a large pot and make it a focal point. Hang a wind chime that will create a soothing ambiance even when there is a mild breeze. Giant chairs or a coffee table can also serve as a focal point and capture your guests’ attention.

6. Prepare a Space for Floor Seating

You may not have a lot space in an outer area. Still, you can have different seating options. Many people like to have floor seating and find it more relaxing. You can have an additional small floor seating area to upgrade the look of the space. Lay a colorful mat and throw some cushions and pillows. You will have diverse seating options without going overboard and spending hard-earned money.

7. Install a Swing

Outdoor spaces seem incomplete without a swing. If you have an area under the open sky, you must install a swing to enjoy the beautiful weather. Since summer is approaching, now is the right time to install a swing and give new life to your outdoor area. Markets have multiple options for swings; you can easily choose one and install it according to your liking.

8. Build a Fire Pit/Waterfall

Building a firepit or waterfall may seem grand, but you can quickly build one for your home. You can put some bricks to create a firepit and give it an earthy vibe. Another way is to get it built using marbles and keep the tone classy.

Waterfalls in the outer area lift the ambiance. Pick a corner and small design for the waterfall and make it a focal point of your balcony or lawn.

Add Some Colors

A simple way of adding more life to your open-air dead space is to add a pop of color. You do not have to add a plethora of accessories and can add some colors with different items. Have vibrant colored cushions on chairs, add a pop of color through table runners, or decorate the area with colorful paintings. Incorporating different colors will make the place appear lively and blend in easily with the Summer season.


Summer months are not supposed to be spent indoors. When the weather allows you, you must enjoy the outdoors and make the most of the spring and summer seasons. Since summer is about to arrive in a few weeks, it is time to wear your thinking caps and update your outdoor space. Utilize the area by being innovative and hosting your friends. You can enjoy a beautiful book, surf the internet, or watch a Netflix series with your favorite beverage outside. The points mentioned earlier are easy-to-do tips but can dramatically upgrade the area.