If you hope to achieve a smooth long-distance move, you must make sure you are packing like a professional to make the most of your space, protect your household goods, and make things easier on yourself when you arrive at your destination. Now packing is not the most exciting thing when preparing to move, but it is a non-negotiable component.

We all have budgets to adhere to, schedules and timelines for transit and travel, and projected dates to start our new job, school, etc. Gearing up to make a long-distance move makes for a high-stress environment as you prepare to relocate, but if you take the time to be proactive with packing – you will get everything done swiftly and efficiently!

Start Your Packing Sooner Than Later

Getting a head start on anything allows you to plan better, prepare and remain ready for anything unexpected that comes your way. That is the strange part of cross-country moves – sometimes things can happen out of the blue when you least expect them, and all your plans can change instantly, or that may be why you are moving in the first place. Packing is one of the more significant stressors for travel and moving – that is no secret!

There are tons of solutions at your disposal to eliminate this kind of stress, so why not utilize and strategize to maximize your peace and happiness? Giving yourself time to begin packing will assist you in ensuring everything is appropriately organized, making everything more accessible once you arrive at your new home and are ready to start unpacking. It allows you to manage everything and oversee which items are going where and how they are being protected in transit, and you aren’t ever rushed into something.

The more time you have to spend on something, the more attention you will dedicate to it – so get started on your packing as early as possible to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed and throw things in boxes in the final hours before your move date.

Use High-Quality Packing Supplies to Protect Your Belongings

Protecting your household goods and belongings is one of the main reasons you must pack for a move – if things would stay safe being thrown into the truck, that is how people would handle things. That is not efficient, nor is it ensuring the state of your items. The quality of packing materials is directly correlated to the safety and security of your belongings in transit. Make sure you are researching everything to adhere to your budget, of course, but keep the packing materials manageable – they will prevent things from getting damaged, and continue to protect them once offloaded and delivered.

Long-distance moving companies everywhere provide a wide range of packing supplies and have packing labor options available as well, so you have some decisions to make. Regardless of your choice, the supplies you use to pack your house protect irreplaceable things. That is a big responsibility to uphold, so never second guess your gut; go with the best materials you can secure!

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Don’t Forget to Label Your Boxes

The organization is critical to setting the seal on your long-distance move’s overall flow and success. Don’t worry – this isn’t Pinterest; you do not have to be the most organized person in the world to label your boxes. The secret to labeling your boxes is writings the details down. Details will help you plan the layout of your new home or apartment and speed up the process of settling into your space.

Pretend you are a professional mover -or hire an experienced, reputable moving company like Denver City Movers – when packing, prepping, and labeling. Use a large black Sharpie style or felt-tip marker to mark your boxes clearly, including the description and details of where the boxes should be placed once you arrive!

Pack An Essentials Box or Boxes

Don’t forget to prepare for the first week or so after getting to your new home. There are always a million and one things going on during a move, so it is a given that you may not get everything unpacked in the first week. If you work with a full-service mover, they must transport your belongings according to when you can receive them. Set aside a box (or two or three) strictly for your essential needs. You may want to pack things like:

  • Electronics or computers for work.
  • Any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are taking or may require.
  • Essential documents.
  • Toiletries & toilet paper – as we have learned from the pandemic.
  • Clothing.
  • Bedding, blankets, pillows.
  • Pet essentials – food, treats, harness, and leash.
  • Snacks – non-perishable and canned goods.

Consider Utilizing Professional Packing & Moving Services

The way to guarantee your belongings are packed like a pro is by hiring a team of professionals to pack and relocate your household. Denver City Movers have multiple years of experience serving residents throughout the United States, safely transporting their goods, and creating a stress-free moving experience for all parties involved.

Working with Denver City Movers, you can rest assured that your items will arrive in the same condition they left because the white glove service and superior packing techniques, materials, and skills all contribute to the satisfaction of their customers. So whether you are packing up and hitting the road yourself or searching for packing and moving experts to help – now you have the tools and knowledge to set out on either path with some serious packing skills and security!

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