Cape May, NJ, is a beautiful shore town that is the choice of many city dwellers to spend their summers. You can easily find long-term and short-term rentals in Cape May right on the Jersey Shore. So, if you are looking for a weekend getaway or a place to spend your summers with the whole family, you can rent a property in Cape May.

Cape May house rentals come in different sizes and styles. So, no matter what your preference is, you will be able to find the best. Consider renting a home at the Jersey Shore so that you can sleep while listening to the sound of ocean waves and enjoy the view. Even a quick getaway from the city will freshen up your mind.

Besides, Cape May is a fully developed tourist town. So, you will have better access to essential amenities during your stay. Many people are still appalled by the idea of booking a rental home since they prefer to stay at a hotel. But, booking your rental is far better than staying at a hotel.

Here are six reasons why a rental house in Cape May, NJ, is ideal for your next family vacation.

More space

When you book a hotel, you are confined to a room, and even if you book a suite, the space is limited. If the hotel is large enough, the suite might be big, but you would still be sharing areas such as the pool, game room, gym, sauna, etc., with other guests at the end of the day.

On the other hand, a rental house gives you enough room to stretch out and unwind at your convenience. You would only share the space with your family members. It gives you a lot more space and some much-needed privacy.

More affordable

When you run a cost analysis, you will find that rental homes are cheaper than hotels. Even if the vacation home you prefer is slightly more expensive, it is often worth the cost since you get more space and privacy.

You run the house.

When staying at a hotel, you are restricted to their rules and timings. For instance, if you want to host a party, that might be impossible in a hotel. Besides, you have to abide by their housekeeping and kitchen timings. Unless you are going for a five-star property, it is highly unlikely that you would find a hotel with a 24/7 restaurant.

Whereas when you book a rental vacation home, you are the boss of the house. You can do anything and everything at your whim. You can swim in the pool at midnight and cook snacks in the kitchen at three in the morning, and you do not have to confine yourself to any rules during your stay.

Pets are welcome

There are not many hotels that are open for pets as well. While there are some pet-friendly hotels, finding them could be a challenge. In many cases, a hotel might welcome your pets, but it might not be the ideal fit for you. Such hotels have a different complex for pets to stay in most of the time, and these complexes are often not well maintained.

But, in a rental vacation home, you may be able to bring your pets and keep them alongside you at all times. Your pets will also enjoy the shore, play in the backyard, and might even enjoy a dip with you in the pool.

However, you must enquire with the property manager in advance regarding their pet policy, and keep in mind that many properties do not allow pets.

No hidden charges

During your stay at the hotel, you might find out there are many hidden charges for things such as parking, extra towels, or even bottles of water. Conversely, if you book a rental property, you deal directly with the property owner, which protects you from being ripped off.

Moreover, usually, there is an explicit contract between you and the homeowner that states all the terms, the items included in the rent, and other chargeable extras.

Perfect for large families

Suppose you spend your summer with a big family of six to ten people, finding the right hotel will become impossible. Even if you find the right hotel, you will pay way more. Besides, when everybody is crammed up in their rooms, you will not have a dedicated space for gatherings or for a family in the hotel to come together for a meal or a movie.

On the other hand, a rental house can feel just like a family house: all the family members can stay together, spend some quality time in the common rooms and play some board games.

You can easily find Cape May house rentals as per your needs and family size. In fact, there are search engines that show only house rentals, and they have lots of options available.



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