The Sacramento Murders


 Nancy Marie Bennallack, 28, and Judith Ann Hakari, 23, lived in Sacramento, California. Ms. Bennallack lived a block north and a block west of Ms. Hakari. Both were engaged to be married. Both were murdered in 1970 in ways which led local detectives to believe they were possibly murdered by the Zodiac. This is the first time the following recently acquired articles (August 2004) from the Sacramento Bee newspaper have been made public since 1970.


Nancy Marie Bennallack


On Sunday, October 25, 1970, 28 year-old Ms. Bennallack, a court reporter, fought for her life. She was brutally slashed and her throat was cut. This is very much like the murder of Cheri Jo Bates - which also happened on a Sunday. (See the Victims section and the Autopsy Files.) A Deputy Sheriff said the killer was "agile" as he had to climb up to the victim's second floor apartment and then jump down again. Bruce Davis hiked in the mountains around Death Valley where temperatures reach upward of 120 degrees! Reports indicate he was very "agile."


Ms. Bennallack went to San Francisco the Friday before she was murdered. Zodiac had San Francisco connections. Bruce Davis frequented both San Francisco and Sacramento. Both he and Charles Manson had friends in both places. In the Zodiac / Manson Connection book there is a photo of a paste-up letter Zodiac sent to the Sacramento Bee. Also in 1970, a call came from Sacramento relative to the Donna Lass case. But the caller hung-up.

What is really interesting is that Zodiac mailed his Halloween card that claimed a possible 14th victim on 10/27/70 - the day after Ms. Bennallack's body was found.


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Ms. Hakari was last seen after she got off work as a nurse at 11:30 PM on Saturday 03/07/70. She was not discovered missing until very early Sunday morning just like Donna Ann Lass who was believed to have been abducted around 2:00 AM on a Sunday after also getting off work as a nurse late on a Saturday night. Ms. Hakari's body was discovered in a canvas bag in a shallow grave on 04/26/70. (Some believe that the shallow grave site of Donna Lass has been found and that because it was shallow, marauding animals raided the grave.) It was observed it was almost as if someone had wanted Hakari's body to be found and it was surprising it had not been discovered sooner.

Ms. Hakari, like Cheri Jo Bates. had been severely beaten. In the "Confession" letter Zodiac said he started attacking Bates by strangling her. Hakari was found with a stocking around her neck.


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