SimpliSafe is the best solution to keep your house safe and protected. It is a device that keeps all the doors, windows, and even the rooms of your house safe from burglars.

It not only guards the house against intruders but also other emergencies like medical, fire, any damage in water pipes, and many other issues of your house.

Your house will be monitored by a bunch of experts who are all-time present and call the police even in case of emergency.

This security system has generally received a positive response from people. The best thing about this system is that they are keeping an eye on your house when you do not know.

The experts inform you if they find something strange in your house.

How Can Repair the Keypad of SimpliSafe If It Is Not Getting Connected?

How Can Repair the Keypad of SimpliSafe If It Is Not Getting Connected

Often people get irritated when their SimpliSafe 105db siren is not working. Many people have put forth their concerns regarding this.

After all, this is a device that has been protecting the house of people from intruders. So it is very important that the device should function properly.

Below are the various reasons as to how you can solve the issue when the SimpliSafe 105db siren is not working.

Battery Discharged

One of the most common reasons for the keypad not working is that the battery is discharged. In case of power shortage some time back, this may be the reason. You can detach the battery. You should be confirmed that both are in working condition.

You can again connect them with your keypad. Also, there are chances that the sensors have to be set again. After all, this is completed, there are chances that the issue is solved, and you can go ahead with steps.

Install Your Keypad Again

There are high chances that your keypad is not installed perfectly. In case this is the issue, then you should take out the keypad and install it again.

Remember to verify every connection and be sure to fit your keypad correctly. Then, you can set your device once again and see if the trouble is with the network or not.

The Device May Be Broken

This can also be a probable reason for the device not functioning properly. Maybe your device is out of order. If this is the case, then you cannot help it. All you can do is get in touch with the customer care service.

In case the device is faulty, they can come to your place and replace it with a new one. In case the device is not at fault, then they will help you in finding the root cause. So in anyway, seek help from customer service.

So these are ways with which you can know why your SimpliSafe 105db siren is not working. You can try resetting your device. The process to do this is given below.

How Can You Reset Your SimpliSafe Device?

Here is the way that will explain to you how you can reset your SimpliSafe device if the SimpliSafe 105db siren is not working. As seen above, sometimes resetting the device may help. The resetting of the device will take the device back to its initial settings.

  • The first step is that you need to press the black button, which is present on the backside. Hold this button tightly. Look for the off button on the keychain button and press it.
  • Now you will hear a notification after you push this button four times.
  • This notification is an indication that the device has been synced.

By doing this, you can be sure that the issue with your device is resolved.

Working Of Various Components of SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is the most trusted home security device all around. Below you can find the working of various components of SimpliSafe.

Base Station

This is like the brain of the device. It will connect and manage all the sensors in the system. The backup battery is stored in this. Your system keeps working even during the power cut. It also has an in-built alarm that will tell if the monitoring is being done or not.

Wireless Keypad

If you cannot use your app, then this keypad connects and disconnects the system. However, this is not connected to the base station. This means that your house will still be monitored even if the keypad is not working.

Motion Sensor

This motion sensor will detect any movement up to 30 feet and at an angle of 90°. It is so tiny that it can easily adjust itself at any corner of your room. Also, this sensor can recognize a human or pet. So, it can very well recognize when it is a dog and when it is a person.

Entry Sensor

SimpliSafe has a battery already installed in it. It also has a door chime that will notify you when someone enters the house or leaves it. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep this sensor at the entry of your house or a window. Apart from this, you can also put it near the medicine cupboard.

Key Fob

This key fob will arm/disarm the system when you touch the button.


The siren will make noise, and it can be used either out of the house or inside.

Smoke Detector

This detector can smell the fire and give an alert to the people monitoring and ring a siren. In case you have an app installed on your phone, then you will get a notification regarding the fire when you are not at home.

Panic Button

The panic button will ring the alarm in case of an emergency. In such a case, when it is not possible for you to get your phone or ask for help, then this alarm can notify the people monitoring to lend you help.

Temperature Sensor

This sensor will detect when your pipes reach a very low or freezing temperature. This low temperature can be harmful to your pipes, so it warns when things become too chilled.

Water Sensor

Water sensors detect the condition when it becomes too watery or a pond-like situation at your place. You can put it near the washing machine or in the basement near pipes so that it can know about any leakage or flood prior to things getting worse.

Glass Break Sensor

This doesn’t come along with the device, but you can add it extra. You can keep it near a window or glass door, and it will detect any breakage in a glass door.

So, these are some of the parts of SimpliSafe which you can add on if they are not already present in your device.

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