If you are feeling like you need more space in your kitchen, but remodeling isn’t possible right now, organizing can be a solution to give you more real estate, especially in a small space. Organizing your kitchen is about getting creative and getting rid of small appliances, dishes, and other kitchen items that have been collecting dust in the back of a cabinet. With a plan in place and some dedicated time, you can create a kitchen environment that you will be happy to get cooking in — and if you are thinking about selling your home, potential buyers will love these kitchen updates.

Sort everything

Whether you are organizing your kitchen, a bathroom, or a bedroom, you have to start by getting rid of stuff. This may be the most challenging task, especially if you have a lot to sort through. It can be helpful to work cabinet by cabinet, and by category, and then to give yourself boxes to donate, toss, and keep. You may find that an entire drawer or cabinet is free once you’ve gone through everything. If you have multiple colanders, mugs, or food storage containers without lids consider donating or recycling them. Food storage containers can also take up space and if you can’t find the lid, it’s time to get rid of it.

Go vertical

There is likely a lot of unused vertical storage space in your kitchen and taking advantage of it can be one way to get organized, especially in a small kitchen. Some ways to use vertical space are by hanging knives on a magnetic bar or by putting a rack above your island or above your stove where you can hang pots and pans. An empty wall can also be a place for any tools that hang. Half shelves or a small series of shelves next to your stove can be a place to store spices. Installing a magnetic backsplash can be another way to store items like knives or even spices.

Put your spices on display

Spices can easily clutter a kitchen and after you’ve sorted through them, you may then want to move them into jars that can be stored more easily. Magnetic spice jars are one option, or you can transfer spices to mason jars that can be stored on a half shelf. Your spices can become a colorful display in your home, and putting them in labeled jars will also make them easier to grab while you are cooking. Keeping spices organized can also be a plus when staging your home, so potential buyers can imagine cooking in their new kitchen.

Add more smart shelving

Deep cabinets are not the most useful way to store frequently used kitchen tools. Cabinets can be transformed into deep drawers to make it easier to pull out pots, pans, or small appliances like blenders or food processors. For glasses and plates, you can keep them organized and open up the space in your kitchen by removing cabinet doors. A small bookcase added to a kitchen can help you keep cookbooks or serving plates organized.

Getting organized in the kitchen can give it a refresh without a remodel. By getting rid of what you aren’t using anymore, you can make way for better storage.



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