Any contractor is aware of the importance of delivering a project on time and within budgetary parameters. The design stage is of the utmost importance. It is at this stage that any potential problems and challenges need to be identified. How does the contractor ensure that errors are avoided during the rollout of the project?

An underground survey is one of the ways that these challenges can be dealt with at that all-important design phase – and the team at will tell you about the advantages of an underground survey and the importance of such as survey in ensuring that the project is delivered to the highest professional standards – and within budget.

There are three major benefits to be gained by leveraging the knowledge of a professional underground survey company like

The first is the quality of planning and design.

An underground survey will reveal the extent of existing subterranean utilities. Contractors will therefore be aware of potential pitfalls in this area and can design and plan accordingly. The all-encompassing picture provided by the survey will allow for the optimization of connection points to existing utilities in order to ensure that supply points are correctly located. Also, design issues that may arise from insufficient knowledge of these utility points will be avoided. For example, during a recent electrical connection project, the existence of a gas main was revealed – meaning that electrical cabling was able to be situated at a safe distance from this potential hazard.

Secondly – the effect on safety

Health and safety are of the utmost importance during any project and an underground survey can ensure that risk is reduced due to knowledge of the utility layout. There is also a reduction in the possibility of service strikes. Workers will also have enhanced protection during excavation works in line with stipulated health and safety regulations.

Thirdly, there are budgetary considerations.

An underground survey will reveal the existence of any subterranean obstructions. This will avoid unexpected issues that might lead to downtime. This in turn means that budgets will not be negatively affected by these issues. Project delays can be immensely costly – and an underground survey will mean that unexpected (and costly) adjustments to the design and build are not required over the long term.

A lack of knowledge of the location of pipes, sewer infrastructure, cables, ducts, and drainage (among others) is detrimental to any project. A simple mistake can lead to extremely negative and costly outcomes.



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