Having a unique and attractive house is like a dream for most people. However, the common problem noticed in the house is the gap between the floors and walls. When the guests arrive at the place, this can have an impact on the look of the house will have on them.

To cover such a place at a place like the loose electrical cables and the connection, a person can use the skirting boards from Skirting World. They will not only help to hide unwanted things but also increase the place’s beauty.

What Are Skirting Boards?

Some people even call skirting boards as mop boards. They act as the protection of the walls from the liquid substance that a person uses while cleaning. Even the person can reduce the number of scratches added to the walls when moving the furniture. They act as a link between the wall things in the surrounding areas.

Types Of Skirting

Keeping the wires loose can create a life threat for the family members. To avoid the explosion of the members to the dangers, a person can use the best type of skirting boards. If the person plans to hide the wiring in ceiling at the time of repair, complete ceiling will be torn.

It will lead to a huge amount of expenses. But using the skirting boards will hide wiring and improve the house’s overall design. Let us look at the various types of skirting boards:

  • Pencil Skirting: The installation of the skirting takes place on plain or textured walls. If the person wishes to have complete accuracy with simplicity, then pencil skirting is advisable. Furthermore, using pencil skirting is the best alternative for trunking as it is costlier.
  • Georgian Skirting: The design of the Georgian skirting is taken from the period of the Georgians. Special cutting tools are used to provide the proper shape to Georgian skirting. The use of this board will provide a professional look to the place.
  • Wooden Skirting: For places with marble and tiled floors, go for wooden skirting. They provide the place with a sophisticated look. Moreover, the finishing of such boards is quite attractive. They are available in various styles that are best for the traditional and ornamental look of the house.
  • Metal Skirting: Using metal skirting is also a good option as they are durable. The use of the skirting will protect the walls from scratches. The option will give a classic look to the entry of the house. They are known to be versatile, functional, and elegant.
  • Flush Skirting: The plastering technique and the use of flush skirting are the same thing as they are done at the same level. The catch of the dust by these skirting boards is less in comparison to other available options. There is no limitation on the boards’ application; they can be used in different places like bathrooms, kitchens, or other rooms.

Benefits of Skirting Boards

The use of skirting boards is not only increasing the look of the place but also provides several other benefits. The different purpose for which the installation of the skirting boards takes place includes the following:

To Cover The Wall And Floors Gap

At the time of the construction, there were some amount of gaps that remained between the walls and floors. It is a process that will have the financial position of eth person and is also a time-consuming one. A person should try the skirting boards as it will reduce the effect construction will have on the walls.

Provide Better Look 

There are a variety of styles and colors of skirting boards that are available for people. A person can do the matching of the skirting boards as per the contrast of the room. This will increase the look of the place and will make it an attractive option.

Avoid Scratches At The Time Of Shifting

Normally people keep changing the look of the housing by shifting the furniture and other material from one place to another. For example, if the person uses the skirting boards on the walls, this will prevent the rubbing and scratching marks on the walls.

No Exposure To Wiring

In some situations, a person has to do eth wiring in the house after the complete construction. If the person has the skirting boards at the place, then the hide of the wiring is possible at a reasonable rate without affecting the look of the area.

These are some common benefits that a user who plans to use the skirting boards at their place will get. The selection of the boards is the choice of eth person. There are varieties of options available with different materials. Based on eth area to install the skirting boards, a person can choose the best one.



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