Shifting abroad is not the easiest thing to do but can be convenient with the help of professional movers. For instance, if you are planning to live in Australia for good and want to pack household items, some experts will assist you. Moving house need not be that stressful when working with the right people is on top of your list.

Relocation experts deal with furniture removals, from packing to shipping them to the new house. They assure each one of your belongings is safe from damage so no need to worry. Some shipping companies operate internationally with reliable services that would benefit families big time.

Important Factors To Know When Moving House in Australia

Finding a moving company that operates within Australia can be challenging. Hence, this article shows tips on how to end up with the right movers. These include:

1. Research Australia’s Moving Standards

Though moving policies are similar in different countries, awareness still matters. Know the shipping rules that apply in Australia not to get mistaken when packing items.

Some of the items which cannot be shipped to Australia include foodstuff, pets, and lawn materials. Foreign items, like vacuum cleaners and golf clubs, are also not allowed when moving households in Australia. These may be confiscated or be in quarantine for a certain period.

For that reason, an inspection service exists upon arrival in Australia. They will monitor all the packages and goods to ensure better protection for the country. This is necessary because movers must adhere to the rules.

2. Prepare a List of Items

Among the rules when moving to Australia is declaring your goods. Most of the goods that are not permitted are essentials that you may feel desperate to bring to your new home. The better news is that there is a possibility to take them with you.

Be specific in listing the items, especially those set bound. This is subject to inspection by AQIS which has the authority to ship or destroy an item. No worries as your selected international moving company will provide the dos and don’ts in packing items.

After inspection, the officials will declare which items need treatment to enter the country. While other items might not pass their judgment.

3. Book Movers Early

Moving takes a serious decision before it commences. For some, the packing process lasts for six weeks or less, and that makes counting on movers vital from the beginning. Ask for early delivery of shipping boxes and other materials for safer packing. This will help you fix things and not rush during the moving day.

Households can easily set schedules after booking a mover. Create a timeline for your move to avoid forgetting pieces of stuff along the way.

4. Declutter Items

One of the mistakes when moving places is keeping those unnecessary items. You do not have to carry all the items which will help you to save space in shipping them. This would reduce your cost and effort in packing items.

Start by clearing out the waste in each room. Have certain storage for items you choose to keep, throw, and donate for added convenience. And also, go over the garage and throw out all the trash to leave the old house clean and ready for the next tenants.

During this time, households can assess how the shipment will go. The more items that need to be shipped to the new location, the longer the moving process. This is why decluttering is crucial to speed up your move.

5. Pack Items Accordingly

Boxes come in different sizes to keep particular items safe during transport. It is vital to look for appropriate boxes to pack items a lot safer.

Start with the fragile items as there will be separate boxes for them. Use packing materials, such as bubble wrap and paper rolls, for added protection. Keep your essentials easily accessible, especially when the move will last for days.

On the other hand, larger boxes are meant for furniture and other heavy items. These are also fragile and must be handled with care. Furniture should be dismantled before shipment with its screws kept in the box.

Choosing an International Moving Company

The shipment period really depends on the moving distance. Goods from the U.S. may arrive in Australia not beyond eight weeks if via a full dedicated container. Professional movers recommend a shared container for a tighter budget that will last for up to 12 weeks.

The best thing about moving services in Australia is they deliver on time. There will also be minimal efforts in packing items as it is included in the overall service. You can be certain that the items will arrive in a good condition.

Keep an eye on reputable movers. They must be qualified to perform international shipping and one sign is having the FAIM logo. Hiring a trusted mover also involves them having the proper equipment for moving. It is safe to say that working with fully equipped individuals will make the move faster and less hassle.

Final Thoughts

Your move to Australia is well-guaranteed with the experts on furniture removals. They can work with you from the beginning to the end of the moving process. Surely, you can prevent items to be confiscated upon arrival as the movers will keep you assisted.

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