Holding a housewarming party is an exciting event. You’ve just moved in, you’ve got the place just how you want it to be, and now it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family (and maybe show off a bit…). If there’s one thing that would make a housewarming party even better, then that would be a pile of excellent desserts. Here we explore our favorites.

How To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

Inviting your guests is one thing, but actually hosting them and making them feel like they’re having a good time? Well, that’s an art. If you’re not a natural host, these tips should help:

  • Decorate above and beyond your standard to make guests feel like this is a real event they’re part of.
  • Send out invites in advance and a few reminders/bits of information to build excitement.
  • Create a few focal points of entertainment so that guests have some fun activities to take part in and that they can use to break the ice.
  • Keep your guests well fed – read on for more information on that!

5 Must-Have Desserts For Your Housewarming Party

You’ve got a great selection of desserts to choose from here. Personally, I think you’ve got to take into consideration what type of party you’re having and who your guests are going to be. If it’s a family affair, you’ve got to take the elderly guests into consideration and what their tastes might be. If it’s a group of your friends, then maybe you’ll have a more free set of reins to deal with.

It’s also worth considering the timing of the party and the drinks that are going to be accompanying the desserts. Is it an afternoon tea sort of occasion which would go well with tea or coffee and soft drinks? Or are you going for a drinks party in the evening where wine and beer will be flowing? Maybe you’ve decided to go for the full-on red cup party, so guests will need a spare hand so they can sink cups on the beer pong table.

Also, consider how complicated you want your food to be, are you creating an extravagant feast or would you be better served serving some easy desserts with few ingredients?


The party classic. Cupcakes went through a complete renaissance in recent years. People even regularly replace their traditional wedding cakes with cupcakes! Gone are the simple round little cakes with a bit of frosting on top. Welcome to the filled, the swirled, the marbled, the toppings that are bigger than the cake. The possibilities that the humble cupcake can deliver are endless. Really the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

A personal favorite is a simple one that focuses on using fresh strawberries. Chunks of the sweet summer berry in the cake mix, a strawberry cream topped with a fresh strawberry. On a warm summer’s day there’s no better.

That said, in this instance, I feel like cupcakes deserve a bit of decadence and you can’t go wrong with these Ferrero Rocher cupcakes created by ShugarySweets. Sure you should only have one, but why stop there?

Fruit And Cheese Board

Sophistication on a board. A good cheese board is more than just a dessert. It’s a sharing experience that brings friends closer together through the act of eating. Cheese boards, done right, aren’t just food either. They can be a journey. A gastronomical experience. You can literally take your guests on a trip from cheese to cheese, complemented with fruits, salads, nuts, charcuterie, and more for each.

Remember that you need a variety, otherwise the board can taste a bit samey. There are 4 core categories of cheese: Aged, Soft, Firm, and Blue. The best cheeseboards will feature at least 1 of each. There is, technically, an order to eat cheese depending on strength of flavor, but you might not want to be that dictatorial at a party…

Lemon Tree Dwelling has put together a great guide on how to assemble the perfect cheeseboard. If you’re in a rush, go for a rustic look and simply cover the board in whole cheeses pieces and let guests chop their own pieces. If you have the time and want to make the effort, create thin slices and arrange them precisely for a dramatic effect.

Coffee Cake

A classic full-sized cake, the coffee cake often splits people into lovers or haters – mainly based on whether they love or hate coffee. The coffee cake is a great option if you’re hosting a coffee morning-style housewarming. Most of the time they’re served as a sandwich of two sponges, coffee buttercream, and coffee icing. Many recipes also call for walnuts, just check if any of your guests have allergies first.

Remember that you can go as straightforward or as over the top as you like with the decoration, it comes down to how creative you want to be and also how much time you have to dedicate to its creation. The best recipe I’ve found so far is from the BBC Good Food selection. It’s quick, easy, and delicious.


Feeling fancy? Tarts are a great way to create a delicious dessert that is easily portioned and shared amongst a group. You could make larger tarts and cut them into slices or you could go for a more patisserie style and create smaller individual tarts (with a whole lot more effort).

The beauty of creating tarts is that the options are so open-ended. The most popular options tend to be either a chocolate or a fruit tart, but there are options such as frangipane or custard out there too.

I don’t think you can go wrong with the French classic the Tarte Tatin. It’s made using puff pastry rather than short and is full of unctuous caramel smothered over apples. Delish has a great Tarte Tatin recipe that guides you step by step. Personally, I’d always use store-bought puff pastry.

Squares Or Bars

Arguably the best option if you’re catering to a larger number for the simplicity of portioning out a piece to everyone who wants one. Squares or bars can take all sorts of shapes and sizes. Classics like Rice Crispie squares (with all their mallow-y goodness) or Rocky Road are always going to be popular with all different types of guests.

The traybake has often been seen as a simple way of baking, but more modern recipes call for unusual ingredients and more detailed presentation styles. For a slightly unusual option, these Banana Bread Blondies with Dark Chocolate by Scrambled Chefs are to die for.

Key Takeaways

Whatever dessert option you choose, just remember that your guests will be happy to see you, and they’ll appreciate any effort that you go to. The best advice would be to ensure that you practice the recipe in advance before your guests are due to arrive. You don’t want a dessert disaster moments before people start knocking at your door!

  • Feeling confident? Why not try creating a few different desserts of varying types?
  • Think about your guests when planning your desserts.
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Olivia Garcia

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