• Are you moving your office to a completely new address?

You might have heard that moving the entire office from one address to another is never easy. You have to think of many ifs and buts and formulate comprehensive planning to implement the plan without a problem.

There are certain things that you need to do so that you shift to a new office. Yes, you are in the right place. Please stay with us throughout as we will discuss things in detail.

Things To Do Before You Shift To A New Office

Moving from the office is not only moving furniture, appliances, and people. Shifting offices can be considered as a shifting of work culture. You have to take it as a new continuity.

1. Plan Early And Carefully

Office shifting involves numerous changes. First, you have to plan a layout of the new office space. Then you need to fit the existing things into the new setting. You will have to plan the electrical outlets, windows, and storage areas.

Scheduling office furniture is also an important factor in the entire development. Therefore it’s better that you plan ahead. Three months could be good.

2. Choose A Moving And Clearing Company

Since you are planning to completely move your office, have you consulates a moving and Clearing Company.

Clearing companies like Man and Van Stratford offer professional services that they successfully do, including wrapping equipment and delivering things on time. Clearing crews work with the utmost professionalism to help you with seamless service.

3. Sort All The Items That You Are To Move

One of the main elements of office shifting is sorting out things. You have a plethora of things to move. So it’s better to sort them out completely. Then, you can segment the removed items.

For example, if you consider electronics, so many things come under it. It can be computer hardware and other electronic equipment. The main aim is to keep things organized before you initiate the entire clearing process.

4. Involve All The Stakeholders In Formulating A Plan

If you are planning to shift your office, you must let the stakeholders know about it. For example, let your employees know about the plan well in advance. This will give them time to save the important things in their respective hard disks and drive.

In the same way, you need to ensure that you inform things to the other stakeholders. Allow them enough time to prepare. This helps keep things organized throughout and facilitates your clearing and shifting work.

5. Arranging Insurance

There is definitely an advantage or hiring a clearing service like Superman and Stratford is that they provide you with insurance coverage of the things. This works as an advantage for the companies. You never know that a van full of expensive things might meet with an accident on the road. In that case, you will have to face the entire loss.

Therefore, arranging Insurance can help you compensate for the loss. Always try to keep this with you.

6. Dismantling All The Items

Dismantling all equipment well in advance is an effective way of keeping things in order. For example, you have your computers and other hardware. If you think you can do it without dismantling them, the entire shifting could go completely wrong. In that case, managing the entire shifting work might be difficult.

Therefore, what you need is to ensure that you have dismantled things properly before shifting things. There is one more advantage of dismantling your computers and phones. You can take them easily and with lesser time to invest.

What Else?

Shifting of office from one place to that another is a difficult thing because it involves a lot of responsibility. Therefore, what you can do is understand everything, prepare a plan and execute things in an orderly manner. This quickens the entire shifting process. Yes, don’t forget to hire a professional cleaning service while you are shifting to your new office.



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