Whether you are renting an apartment or house or staying in a dorm room as a student, the space where you will spend the next 3-4 years of your life should be comfy and reflect your inner self. Although home decor might seem like something unimportant at first glance, in fact, it has a huge value in your life. The settings of your home are proven to affect a lot of things, including your self-esteem, mood, confidence, and, most importantly, productivity.

At the same time, making the space around you more personalized will help you overcome another common student challenge – homesickness. So, one way or another, this is something you should really take care of while in college.

To handle this task, get yourself a trusted PaperWriter to save some time and keep your grades high. We know that students’ schedules are packed with schoolwork, so renovating your space without additional help can be impossible. And read on to find some great ideas that you can try out!

Personalized Pin Boards

The first decor idea has plenty of uses for students. First of all, if you want to add some personal touches to your room, like posters and photos but don’t want to damage the walls, you can easily pin whatever you want on your pin board. Secondly, this element can have a practical purpose too. As a student, you must be taking plenty of notes. If you do this without technology, the old-fashioned way, you might have all these pieces of paper create a lot of mess on your desk. With a pin board, you will have a dedicated place to pin all important notes to keep them organized and always at hand.

The best part is that this idea can be very cheap. You don’t even need to buy a ready-made board. You can easily make one yourself using ideas from the web.

Opt for Stylish Storages

All sorts of organizers and storages perform multiple tasks. First of all, they are super convenient and help you organize your space effectively, which is especially important for students. Secondly, such decor elements can also add exciting finishing touches to your interior and improve the overall style of your home.

There are many different kinds of organizers and storage, including options for closets, desks, walls, etc. Also, there are options that you can buy in a store and those that you can craft yourself.

Invest in Neat Bedding

One of the first things that make your living space look untidy is an unmade bed. According to surveys, most teens and young adults tend to not make their beds on a regular basis. Most often, it’s because making it feels somewhat irrational or time-consuming. But the truth is that making your bed will not only make your home look tidier but will also affect your mood. Numerous studies confirm that untidiness increases one’s stress levels. Moreover, studies show that 71% of the bed-makers report being happy, with 62% of non-bed-makers confirming not feeling happy.

An easy way to solve the bed-making problem and decorate your room is to invest in neat bedding. If you do it, you will be more inclined to make your bed every morning, and your bedroom will definitely start looking better.

Add More Lights

Lighting is a crucial element of the decor. If you place it in your space the right way, it can help you create height and depth, add coziness, and generally help you create the right atmosphere in your home. And it looks great too!

Therefore, if you are looking for an easy, cheap, and effective way to give your dorm room or apartment a makeover, be sure to get more lighting in the form of lamps, lightboxes, garlands, etc. This will make your space Instagram-worthy and more homelike.

Put Up More Plants

If you are looking for a simple and quick decor idea, this is it. Buying some live plants and setting them around your space can do wonders. First and foremost, plants have plenty of health benefits. They are proven to improve air quality and sleep, reduce stress and anger, and even improve one’s focus – perfect for busy students who are constantly under a lot of pressure. Besides, greener apartments and rooms look more lively and cozy.

Although this idea is quite simple, be sure to do enough research before you bring it to life. Buying a couple of plants for your decor doesn’t seem too big of a deal, but becoming a plant parent is, sure, a commitment. So, before spending money, you have to know what is awaiting you and also how to take care of your plants the right way.

Customized Bookshelves

As a student, you probably have lots of stuff on your shelves. Textbooks, notebooks, and other school supplies are very convenient to store on shelves because this way, you always have them at hand. However, most often, standard bookshelves look too ordinary and boring.

The solution is rather simple. You can search for customized bookshelf ideas on the web and turn this practical element of your home into something unique and good-looking. You can get creative here. Bookshelves can be made out of lots of things, including stepladders and many other materials. So there is plenty of space for creativity. Also, there are many ways to turn your regular bookshelves into real art pieces so that they don’t just perform a practical function but also add something interesting to your interior.

While structuring the size and position of your storage, take into consideration all surrounding items – especially pet supplies like pee pads for dogs. To maintain tidiness and orderliness in your room, keep these away from bookshelves or furniture pieces. With this thoughtfulness in mind, you can craft a cozy home décor to fit any student’s needs! Get creative with it; there are endless possibilities!

The Bottom Line

Decorating a dorm room or a rented apartment as a student is not only about creating a good-looking interior but also about making your space more convenient and tidy.

After reading this article, you should know why decorating your home matters and why keeping it tidy is also important. Use the ideas and tips from this guide to give your own living area a makeover and make it look more “you.”

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

With a rich background in interior design, Charlotte Smith graduated with a degree from Yale. Her 15-year career includes working with elite home improvement brands. Her expertise lies in blending functionality with aesthetics, a skill she honed while working with top architectural firms. Charlotte became a part of our editorial team in 2018, offering readers practical yet stylish home improvement tips. A true DIY enthusiast, she spends her weekends tackling various home projects, further enriching her articles with personal experiences.

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