It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running; office security and the security of your building should be your top priority. Office security is integral to workplace security; if your office is located in Lakewood, you will want to hire a Lakewood Security Guard to make your employees feel secure.

Nonetheless, here are some essential tips to help secure your office building.

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Choose a Secure Location

Location matters greatly and speaks volumes about how much you value your business, employees, and clients. The initial step for securing your office building is to choose the right location – ideally – in an area where the crime rate is low.

You will also want to avoid an area with major ongoing construction projects as these could interfere with your employee’s productivity due to the increased noise level. If possible, you will want to select a commercial area instead of a residential area for your office building.

Undoubtedly, the crime rates in residential areas are lower – but – you can expect more traffic in a residential neighborhood, which can interfere with office productivity. More vehicle and foot traffic could potentially increase the risk of break-ins, which is why you will want to choose the location carefully.

Hire Reliable Security Staff

To provide an additional layer of protection, you will want to hire well-trained security staff. In fact, hiring quality security staff could be one of the most crucial factors that could boost security inside and outside the office building.

We recommend hiring multiple security guards rather than hiring a single security guard to patrol the office premises at night. A single security guard will be in a weaker position as compared to a bunch of security guards patrolling the building and ensuring that nothing is wrong.

You will always want to opt for high-quality and well-trained security guards for the safety of your building. This way, it will be impossible for potential intruders to overpower multiple security guards and breach the security of your office building.

Install the Right Types of Doors

You will want to secure your building with heavy doors that are difficult to kick in or tamper with. Ideally, the office doors should be made of steel and incorporate several deadbolt locks, making it nearly impossible for them to get kicked in by potential intruders.

If the office door is made of glass, you will want to install bars that will make it difficult for the doors to shatter under pressure. The bars will also serve as an additional layer between you and the intruders.

Make sure that all office building doors contain peepholes to enable the security guards and employees to double-check who is outside the building. You will want to avoid leaving the doors open in the absence of employees.

A great option would be to install a concealed overhead door closer – this way, you will ensure that the door automatically closes after it is opened.

Install Panic Buttons

You will want to train your employees on safety so that they know where and when to perform safety actions. They should also be familiar with the potential hazards inside the office building and know all safety routes.

You can practice with training drills and install panic buttons at different places within the office premises.

You get the point – firstly, you will want to train your employees about what they need to do if there is a fire or a potential intruder in the office building. Next, they should know where all the panic buttons are – which are ideally located all over the office premises.

Ideally, panic buttons should be inside each office room, near every exit door, and at undisclosed locations within the office building. Each panic button should directly connect with the on-site security personnel so they can arrive swiftly and handle the issue.

Install Security Cameras

Of course, you will want to install high-quality security cameras at different locations in the office building. Security cameras are a reliable way to monitor the office building – from the inside and the outside – around the clock.

You can also always review any footage later while working with law enforcement and also while doing security drills. Security cameras are one of the best ways to secure your office premises and surveil everything around the clock.



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