Choosing gifts for our loved ones is never easy. It could be a birthday, a graduation, or an anniversary. Sometimes, it can be tough to choose something that can effectively communicate how you feel.

Housewarming gifts can be particularly tricky. They need to be both practical and thoughtful. One effective approach to take is to buy a gift that speaks to a person’s faith, religion, or cultural background. However, this needs to be done properly, and you should take the time to research and plan your gift accordingly. We’ve put together a guide with three housewarming gift ideas for Jewish homes. Check it out below.

Shabbat Candlesticks

Shabbat candles are used by Jewish people to bring in the Sabbath. They are lit every Friday evening, with the tradition requiring the lighter to then close their eyes and recite a blessing.

Fortunately, just about any kind of candlestick can be used for Shabbat, which means they can be a perfect option for a housewarming gift for Jewish homes. However, Shabbat is an incredibly ancient and important tradition, so it is important that the candlesticks reflect this significance. Pay a visit to Israeli Center of Judaica. There, you’ll find a varied range of beautiful Judaica items on offer, including Shabbat candlesticks.

Kiddush Cups

A Kiddush cup is used to hold wine, over which a blessing is given before breaking bread and eating a meal on the eve of the Sabbath or another religious festival. While technically, any cup can be used as a Kiddush cup, they will often be made from silver and feature ornate designs to indicate the importance of the tradition.

A Kiddush cup can be a fantastic housewarming gift for a Jewish home. It will get them ready to celebrate their first Sabbath in their new surroundings and will demonstrate the respect and appreciation you have for their faith.

Bread, Salt, and Wine

Bread, salt, and wine is a historic and traditional Jewish housewarming gifts thought to have originated among Jewish communities in Russia. The bread is meant to symbolize a full pantry, the salt flavor, and the wine’s prosperity or good spirits.

Bread, salt, and wine can be excellent housewarming gifts to give to your Jewish friends. It can also be more affordable than other options, so it may suit someone on a tighter budget. However, it’s absolutely crucial that you ensure any food or drink you are giving to your Jewish friends is Kosher. While not all Jewish people adhere to the laws of Kosher, many do, and you do not want to take the risk, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Picking a housewarming gift can be fraught with difficulty and can leave us feeling overwhelmed and frozen with indecision. If your friends are Jewish, choosing a gift relevant to their faith can be a fantastic approach. Shabbat candlesticks, Kiddush cups, or a simple combination of bread, salt, and wine are perfect housewarming gift options for Jewish homes.



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