Top 7 Interior Design Books for Students

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Getting a degree in interior design at a top college or university can be very demanding on students with trips, exams, projects, assignment deadlines, and more to worry about. If you are about to start a degree in this course, you must have a list of books that will help you through your journey. In this article along with academic writing experts we will look at the top 7 interior design books every student must-have.

A professional essay writer from CustomWritings said, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to renovate your home, purchasing one for the first time, or looking to study something different, there are so many reasons why a student might need some interior design inspiration”.

Dream Decor: Styling a Cool, Creative, and Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live by Jacqui Small

Online essay service writers say this book is a must-read for any student in their first year of an interior design course because it takes them on a journey of discovery. You will be able to discover decoration methods in 15 destinations which include Hollywood, Miami, Paris, Italy, Brookley, Scandinavia, and Normandy just to name a few.

With the help of famous lifestyle blogger Will Taylor, the book does a wonderful job of helping you know all the ins and out of different decorating styles with amazing pictures taken from home all over the world. The reviews of this book are amazing, making it a must-buy if you are about to study an interior design course.

Farrow & Ball How to Decorate: Transform your home with paint & paper by Joa Studholme & Charlotte Cosby

Second, on the list is this amazing book by Cosby and Studholme who are both very gurus in this field. Just like the book above, it has pictures of nicely decorated homes from all over the world. The designs give you an insight into different shades of colors and how to make them blend with undercoats, and paint in a home. Overall, this book will open your eyes to just how painting your stairs and floors can breathe new life into a home.

The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick

There are people out there who value the importance of having a good bathroom, and this book by Barbara Sallick emphasizes that. The book is packed with so many different styles that suit all types of floors, from marble to tiles.

No matter what the floor one is going for, they will find good ideas in this book hence why it has to be on every student’s list. If you are looking for tips on toilets, sinks, washstands, bathtubs, and showerhead designs, this book has you covered. Do yourself a favor and purchase this book if you are about to start an interior design course.

New York Living: Re-Inventing Home by Paul Gunther

Many students and essay writers might believe that they know everything there is to know about New York City based on the TV shows they watch, but do they know what a typical home is like in the city? Any student that wants to find out needs to purchase this book because it details everyone one is looking for, and Paul Gunther does an amazing job. Everything from bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, hallways, dining rooms are in this book.

The areas covered in this book include places like Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and The Bronx providing students with a great insight into what homes in the Big Apple are like. There are so many wonderful homes in this amazing city and if one can gain inspiration from reading this book, they can have an amazing looking home of their own. This is the goal that the authors wanted to achieve with this book, which is to give people lovely ideas.

The Scandinavian Home: Interiors Inspired by Light by Niki Brantmark

This incredible book takes students on a journey to the Scandinavian part of the world. Niki Brantmark is an amazing author with a wealth of experience when it comes to homes found in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and of course Sweden.

This book is filled with pages of lovely images of how interiors in the countries mentioned above are heavily influenced by natural light. Everything from country homes, beach houses, cabins, cottages, and more are all covered in this book and students will learn how to maximize natural light to make a home look amazing. This is a book that shouldn’t be missed, especially if a student is fascinated and inspired by Scandinavian culture.

Home Décor Cheat Sheets: Need-To-Know Stuff For Stylish Living by Jessica Probus and Alice Mongkongllite

This is easily the most colorful book on this list because it has well over 300 DIY designs to flick through, which is incredible. Students will find a compression guide on everything from tile patterns, coffee tables, sofas, beds, doors, and more.

The two women who wrote this book do a great job in explaining everything about their experience in interior design in great detail. Readers learn how to utilize space to their advantage to match wallpaper or art, furniture styles, and even rugs. Readers also learn how to use pillows to make their home appear elegant and classy so that it is the envy of all those who visit it.

The Maker: Beyond Decorating: Crafting A Unique Space by Tamara Maynes

The last book that every student studying interior design should have as part of their collection is this one by Tamara Maynes. This book inspires readers to make decorative pieces for their homes. It challenges readers to think outside the book and create everything from anything from ceramics, furniture, textiles, and wall art.

What’s also good about this book is readers and top-rated academic writing services are educated on the materials, useful tips, and the different types of clay used by professionals. It is a masterfully written book for people who enjoy a bit of DIY and don’t have the funds to spend on professionals.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether it is students, professional essay writing services, or just someone who loves interior decorating, having some of the best books on the market on deck does go a long way. Books give people inspiration and ideas, and this article has highlighted 7 amazing books that need to be on every student’s radar if they are looking to study interior design at college or university. These books will give anyone the confidence they need to face challenges head-on because everything for clever use of space, using different styles, guides on what materials to use are all covered in the books mentioned above.

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