Are you planning a kitchen remodel? You’ve found yourself spending hours scrolling through Instagram and saving trending ideas to your inspiration board. If that’s the case, bravo for doing your homework! When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, though, while trendy designs are appealing, it’s vital to remember that they’re just trends.

Many times, these trendy designs will become outdated, which is the last thing you want for a kitchen redesign that will cost you a significant amount of money. When remodeling, choose a classic kitchen design that will fulfill your functional needs, from range hoods to sinks, and aesthetic vision for years to come, without needing an expensive makeover every 2-3 years. In short, get yourself a timeliness kitchen.

How, you ask?

From choosing the right color palette to picking the right set of custom drapes, below are the top five tips to get yourself a beautiful cooking space that will outlive the short-lived trends.

What does it mean to have a timeless kitchen design?

Remember, trendy is nice of course, but why not choose a design that will look and feel equally as good as, if not better, in the long run? So, here are our top tips to create a timeless look for your kitchen!

1. Use Materials of High Quality

Although high-quality materials can be costly upfront, they are a wise investment that will pay you many times over in savings. You’re better off investing more now on high-quality craftsmanship than paying to redo 80 percent of your kitchen in a few years because you chose cheaper cabinets and countertops that aren’t holding up. Going with materials you know you can trust is also a safer choice.

2. Get the Kitchen Triangle Right

The kitchen triangle, which comprises the sink, oven, and fridge, is the essential component for a great layout regardless of the size of the room. Whether your kitchen is L-shaped, galley-shaped, U-shaped, or constructed around an island, they establish the anchor from which the rest of the room flows. While planning the layout ensure that three spaces are positioned at ideal distances from each other and overall for optimal function and aesthetic.

3. Choose a floor that complements your decorations

Flooring is one of those key elements that take a great amount of optical space and is also very expensive to replace if done wrong. Your choice of flooring needs to be practical, up to the task of withstanding spills and high traffic, while also being aesthetically in sync with the rest of your decor.

Stone and wood are traditionally popular options for a classic kitchen. Wood flooring gives a room personality while bringing in warmth. Stone creates a tactile element in the same way and functions well with underfloor heating.

4. Stick to Neutral Color Palettes

Bold colors may bring a lot of personality to a room and may capture your interest if you prefer a quirky style. But bold and brilliant, flavor-of-the-day hues do tend to fall out of style faster than you might imagine. Therefore, we recommend going for neutral color palettes led by colors like white, beige, ivory, taupe, or gray for a timeless palette.

And remember that using these neutral palettes does not necessarily mean zero opportunity to play with on-trend or bold colors. But instead of putting bright yellow on your cabinets, consider a set of cheerful custom roman shades or cafe curtains in a yellow patterned fabric over your sink. Use vivid, bold colors in soft furnishings and removable fixtures such as artwork, rugs, vases, or tablecloths. As a result, you will be able to incorporate the bold colors you desire into your area without fear of your kitchen looking outdated in a few years.

5. Install Shaker Style Cabinets

Cabinets in the Shaker style never go out of style, which is why you’ll find them in almost every kitchen store and design. Shaker cabinets can be found in a variety of styles, from conventional to contemporary. It’s a timeless cabinet type that complements a wide range of styles and is simple to maintain. There are very few places on these cabinets where dirt, dust, or grease can collect, making cleaning a breeze. Shaker-style cabinets are desirable not only because of their straightforward design but also because they provide a perfect canvas for hardware options.


A timeless kitchen will not only meet all your functional needs but also continue to be aesthetically attractive for years to come. A timeless design can make life more rewarding and can save you money in the long term. There are many factors to consider while choosing window treatments, cabinets, layout, and lighting for your kitchen to truly make it timeless. So make a note of these helpful hints from our design professionals as you plan your next remodel!

Henry Williams

Henry Williams

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