Landscape maintenance doesn’t have to be a complicated matter and it doesn’t have to drain your pocketbook. Even if you hire a landscape service for a property as large as a multi-unit commercial building, you should expect certain things to take place at no extra costs.

Examples of these procedures include mowing the lawn, watering plants, and responding to any glaring issues that might arise. However, throughout the year, you should expect some items to arise that need to become part of your regular schedule. Continue reading to learn the most important aspects of landscape maintenance.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Some areas have more fall foliage than others. Regardless, fall and spring cleanups are essential for landscape maintenance. These transitional seasons allow you to deep clean and remove debris from your yard. You can prepare your plot of land for the summer and winter, which require the most extensive labor.

Seasonal Planting Changes

Flower beds and container planters need refreshing regardless of the time of year and how they grow. Changing the flower types and patterns seasonally will always improve the look and feel of your landscape plot. Doing so will keep it updated for visitors and ensure you don’t wind up with a graveyard or a plot that’s gone out of control.

Insect Control

Nearly every season, you should treat your shrubs with insecticide to keep bugs away. This can include the application of oil to shrubs or continued inspection of the grass.

Tree and Bush Trimming

Trees and bushes don’t need to be trimmed every time you mow the lawn. However, they need regular maintenance so they don’t become untidy. You can prune them to keep their shape. You can also prune trees to keep them healthy and to please the onlooker.


Planting new grass or bedding plants requires your landscaper to fertilize around the same time. New plants need more fertilizer to help them grow and fertilizer will boost the growth of trees.

Hardscape Maintenance

If you live in an area with a dry climate, you should consider hardscaping or xeriscaping. This type of landscaping ensures you don’t use as much water. Hardscaping means you maintain these features, such as patios to ensure your guests don’t run into anything hazardous.

Irrigation Maintenance

Sprinklers are everything for your residential or commercial landscape maintenance. You need to make sure the water goes to the right places and you should have your sprinklers inspected and maintained periodically so they run efficiently.

Hiring a Landscaping Maintenance Company

The maintenance of a healthy plot of land requires can become a full-time job no matter where you are. It requires numerous tasks, from mulching, pruning, planting, irrigation, stonework, and management, who you choose to conduct your landscaping maintenance matters.

Contacting an expert to help maintain your property reduces any time constraints, loss of resources, and energy loss. You also won’t have to worry about any mistakes you might make when you pick a reputable company.

How Do You Find a Landscape Company?

First, you can look at customer reviews to uncover their reputation. Landscapers’ reviews say a lot about the dependability of their company. Conduct a thorough check on Facebook and Google before you make a final decision.

Full service is another important request you can make. You should have the landscaping company define what full-service means and whether it includes a lawn care program. Does it include mulching and aeration? Full-service should mean you can take care of every aspect of your landscape. Some companies might only mow, while some might even charge extra for getting supplies and tools up to harder-to-reach places such as mountain properties.

The last thing you must consider is whether the service you are inquiring about contains experts to complete the job. They should have clear proof of the jobs they’ve completed and issue recommendations on the annuals and perennials for your landscape plot.

Yuina Kimura

Yuina Kimura

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