Are you tired of missing out on important packages and mails just because the knocking did not reach your ears?

Well, ring chime here to solve the problem. Ring chime is a wireless device that gives you real time notification and can be connected to all your ring devices including ring doorbell.

What Does Ring Chime Pro Do?

What Does Ring Chime Pro Do

Ring chime pro is known for its sleek design and for its companionship with other devices. It is engineered in such way that it can work with all the other ring devices. It has the potential to transmit Wi-fi signals to the extent where you can get all the real-time notifications and thus save yourself from missing out on those real good shopping parcels.

What makes it worth investing is it brings reliability, flexibility around cozy LED nightlight and convenience. Additionally, it can easily fit anywhere as it comes in aesthetic and miniature design. It is only an inch thick and that is why you can fix it wherever you want to.

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How to Set up a Ring Chime Pro?

Ring chime pro comes in handy and installing it is not at all a task. But we will save you the trouble of figuring it by yourself. Go by the steps given below and voila. You will have it installed in no time.

  1. Identify a wall outlet where you can fit the ring chime pro and then download the app on your iOS or android device. Even if there is no smart device, you still hear the doorbell anywhere in the house.
  2. Wait for the settings interface to appear, follow the steps that come on the way.
  3. In less than 30 minutes, you will be able to hear the doorbell loud and clear in any corner of your home.
  4. Go ahead and connect it to as many devices as you want to. But avoid too many because it sends notifications detected around any connected device at any given point of time. It might get a little too disturbing for you.

What are the Pros of Having a Ring Chime Pro?

We know that you want to be sure about the device before you bring it home. Allow us to introduce you to the benefits that you will bring home along with the ring chime pro –

Louder Alerts

Alerts will be of no use if they are not loud enough to wake you while you are lost in your deep sleep. Ring chime pro connects to your ring doorbell and other concerned devices to give you a loud signal in real time. It also comes with a built-in nightlight that gives a cozy glow. It allows you to stay connected and be only to reduce dead zones.

Amplify the Devices

Now that all your devices are connected, you will hear a chime tone whenever someone presses your doorbell or there is any motion detected around your home.

Extra Security to your Home

In case if you own a big space like mansion then it is advisable to go for multiple ring chime pro devices and place them accordingly to keep a tab on everything that is happening around your home. Even if your phone is lying on the other corner of your home

What are the Cons of Having a Ring Chime Pro?

Less Affordable

The price of ring chime pro is comparatively higher than the regular ring chime and the same justified by the additional features that you will enjoy. Still if you are a little on budget it is ok to go ahead with ring chime.

Automatic Nightlight

The nightlight is there but there is no way you can make it work according to your convenience as you can either put it on off mode or it will automatically. This might or might not create an issue for you in the future.

Not Suitable for Smaller Space

The homes that do not have much space will not be able to enjoy the additional benefits that ring chime pro offers. The amplification of sound might get too much for the limited space and also the Wi-fi extender will not be used as the distance is not too much. But you can still get it for your home and choose a doorbell sound that is not very loud, or you can also go ahead with regular ring chime.

What if the Ring Chime Pro goes Offline?

The chime pro is engineered by the experts and that is not likely to go offline on a whim. The connectivity will not break of easily as it is supposed to take the signal from your Wi-fi router to all the other ring-made devices that you are under acquisition currently.

In case if the system fails because of one or the other reason then troubleshooting is always a go to option. Steps to troubleshoot the ring chime pro –

  1. Open the relevant app that is the Ring app
  2. Now to get into the menu section, look for 3 lines on the top left side of the screen and tap on it.
  3. Click and select the device from the menu section and tap on it in case to open it.
  4. Now that its open, go ahead and select the chime pro
  5. Select device health. Once you open the device health check for necessary upgrades and check whether the device is connected to a Wi-fi network or not.

So, next before you decide to replace the router because the light is off, do go through troubleshooting first.

What Kind of Sound does Ring Chime Pro Offers?

Just like you get many options for choosing a ringtone on your smartphone, similarly, you get wide array of ell sounds. It is advisable to stick to the classic sound of the doorbell and if you happen to choose different lane then go for one of the modern chimes for a better experience.

As the alerts are crystal clear whenever camera catches a motion, it is important to select a sound that soothes you whilst giving alert of any movement or else you might just end up putting the doorbell on off mode.

If you are under the impression that the sound of this chime is just like the regular ones than here is the spoiler – it is 2X loud and relatively less compressed than the previous versions that you have used.

To top it off all the mesh cover allows for buffer and the fact that comes with too many holes concludes that the sound of bell is going to be projected well with optimal sound.


The blog has covered everything that you need to know about the Ring Chime Pro. It offers maximum security especially if you children to take care off and it allows to stay in your comfort while you are taking care of your loved ones.

The additional features introduced in Ring Chime Pro will bring the luxury of staying in your seat to know who is at the door.

If there is anything else you need our help with, we are a just a comment away.

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