The world is changing faster than ever. Engineering feats and technological upgrades have become an integral part of day-to-day life.

Phones are becoming smarter, as are houses. Several brands are coming forth with products that turn your house into a Smart House.

One hub connects all your electronic devices into one network. Resultantly, you can get practically everything done without leaving your bed. Smart equipment is an ever-evolving market now, thanks to Alexa.

Amazon’s Alexa has been a game-changer as far as virtual assistance is concerned. Of course, many other virtual assistants are equally popular.

But Alexa is widely accepted, especially because of its affordability. Alexa is used on the Amazon Echo speaker that has color-coded signals.

Alexa blinking green, blue, red- all have different meanings. But worry not. Here is your guide to understanding which color on the speaker denotes what.

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Amazon Echo and The Light Display

Amazon Echo and The Light Display

You need the Amazon Echo for operating Alexa. Echo is a round speaker equipped with an LED ring on top. Red, yellow, green, and blue lights illuminate this ring.

There is a variation in the color flashes as per the different kinds of notifications. The LED light is not the same for all speakers, though. Some models have a linear light display at the bottom.

Alexa Blinking Green: Incoming Phone Call

Alexa creates an interconnected network of your devices. Thus, answering phone calls or exchanging text messages is also a feature of Alexa.

You will see the Amazon Echo speaker is flashing a bright green color at times. The green color is an indicator of an incoming phone call.

If you want to receive the call, command Alexa accordingly. Saying “Alexa, answer” will do the deed. Once the call starts, you will notice that the green light is spinning around the rim.

This spinning will continue throughout the conversation until the call ends.

Alexa Blinking Yellow: Mail Alert

If your active email address is part of Alexa’s network, forget worrying about missing your emails. The speaker flashes a bright yellow light when you receive a new email.

Once the speaker lights up, you can simply command Alexa to read the message aloud. This command will open the email you have received and turn the yellow light off. If the emails are private, do not worry.

Access the received email via the Alexa app on your phone. Opening new emails in the inbox via the app also gets rid of the yellow blinking light.

Alexa Blinking Blue: Listening/Waiting for A Command

Alexa is a virtual assistant. You can use this service for a wide range of commands. Ask Alexa for the weather forecast or have her play a specific song from a particular playlist. Alexa can do it all.

Giving voice commands is simple. When you call out Alexa’s name, you will notice that the LED display on the speaker flashes a blue color. The blue light is an indicator that Alexa is activated and is waiting for your command.

If you are talking to Alexa and the speaker has not lit up, call out Alexa’s name clearly and loudly. The blue flash will immediately turn on.

Alexa Flashing Red: Disabled Microphone or No Internet 

Alexa Flashing Red

Imagine this – You are in a meeting over a video call. It is your turn to talk, and you have made some compelling points crucial to the topic at hand. But then you realize that nobody heard a word because your microphone was off.

So, now you must repeat it all over again. Sounds familiar? You can avoid such situations when you are on a conference call through Alexa. If your microphone is disabled, the Echo speaker flashes a bright red light.

However, you must also note that the speaker emits a pulsing red light when Alexa disconnects with the internet. Giving a command to Alexa is pointless if there is no internet connection. Therefore, do not ignore the red light.

Check whether your Wi-Fi is working properly as soon as you see the Echo speaker blinking red. Sometimes, the red light continues to flash despite a stable Wi-Fi connection.

In such situations, the Amazon server could likely be malfunctioning. Wait for a while and restart the system. If the problem persists, contact Amazon’s customer support.

Alexa Blinking Purple: Do Not Disturb

Alexa keeps you connected with your social network practically all the time. Such perpetual connection can often make you yearn for some quiet time.

Most smartphones have the Do Not Disturb mode that temporarily disables all notifications. This excellent feature is also available with Alexa. Simply command Alexa to turn the ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ on.

You will notice that the Echo speaker begins flashing a purple light. Thus, purple light is an indicator of turned-off notifications.

The purple light stays if they Do Not Disturb mode is running. To re-enable the notifications, command Alexa to turn the mode off. The purple light will fade away as well.

No Light or Orange Light

Interacting with Alexa is a colorful affair. It is easy to panic if you do not see any light on the Echo speaker while giving a command. Sometimes, the speaker does not light up when it is processing a command.

Other times, lack of light could simply mean that the speaker is off. Therefore, check whether the speaker is on before talking to Alexa. As mentioned before, a stable internet connection is essential for activating Alexa.

While pairing to a new Wi-Fi network, the speaker emits warm orange light. The light spins around the rim until the connection is established.


Alexa and Amazon Echo speakers are fun to use. The interaction with Alexa is uniquely color-coded. Alexa blinking green indicates an incoming phone call.

A yellow light indicates a message or email notification. Blue denotes active listening. Red signifies muted microphone. Purple shows that the Do Not Disturb Mode is active.

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