In this blog, we will discuss some of the best self-defense weapons for homes to reduce traces of insecurity and help you enjoy a sound sleep. A self-defense system consists of layers of protection with multiple options that safeguard your home.

They work in layers, emerging from the exteriors and moving slowly to the interiors. Even though your home may or may not have a bunker, these gadgets will take care of your security and help you relax. With this, let us look at the best self-defense weapons for homes, starting from the exteriors.

A Smart Outdoor Lighting System

The smart outdoor lighting system

It is nothing new that night-time invites thieves. For such instances, one of the most preliminary measures is to light up your home. Nowadays, we get spotlights like Mr. Beams Netbright or Philips Hue that sense motion.

Moreover, you can find them at the home development stores next to you. They turn on with movement regardless of their location and placement. Hence, they are some of the best self-defense weapons for homes.

Furthermore, one can dial them to a single channel to turn them on instantly and serve as a first-hand warning to the owners. You can also separate them into different channels for different lighting zones for your home.

The Canary Smart Alarm System

The canary smart alarm system

A canary smart system is one of the best self-defense weapons for home. It is not a regular subscription system but puts you in charge with just a one-time hardware purchase. Though it is a small device that revolves around minimalism in design, it is a day and night camera that detects motion.

All you need to do is to download an app to learn whatever canary sees. It has a good camera that offers a crisp 1080 pixels of sharp video imagery of the day and night. Moreover, it sends alerts to your phone if something disrupts the system. As added features, it measures the humidity and temperature of your home and stores up to 12 hours of footage.

Salt Pepper Spray Gun

Use the salt pepper spray gun when you are on offense. It contains salt, a non-lethal chemical irritant to reduce the speed of the attacker. It is a mixture of OC and tears gas that fires a solid projectile that explodes on hitting a target.

You can fire about twenty-one times with this best self-defense weapon for home until it requires a quick change and needs a commonly used CO2 cartridge. These balls fly at about 320 feet per second, so aim at the target correctly. Both beneficial and easy to use, you can buy one to keep you secured at home.

Pepper Spray

This simple yet smart and effective tool has a range of about 3 meters that is enough to puzzle an intruder even if he has a weapon. It is a non-lethal instrument that is legally protected to give you the courage to attack in self-defense. Moreover, it is inexpensive and sells just at $10, giving a total of twenty-five bursts.

However, even if pepper spray is one of the best self-defense weapons for your home, it has minor disadvantages outside. Outdoors, even if a tiny breeze blows, you can get the spray into your own eyes and skin. Stay indoors and, it is one of the best tools to use.


Anatomy of a Taser

A Taser is a non-noxious tool that works fine even when stuck opposite high-velocity winds. They are not only one of the best self-defense weapons for home but make the attacker weak in the limbs to attack again. Hence, Tasers give you an increased sense of security. However, one needs to venture close to the attacker to use a Taser.

Going close may have adverse effects if the intruder is a good fighter or possess some deadly weapons. All you can do herein is show your agility, jump on the intruder and surprise him with your movements. These weapons are not that expensive and, you can get one for as low as $24.

Tactical Pen

Though miniature, tactical pens are one of the best self-defense weapons for home. They are small, look like a pen, but are very hard and have destructing powers. Though people use many of them as glass-breaking devices, some of them have a hidden knife too. They have LED devices for light and, one uses them for stabbing or poking the intruder.

The device has a rugged, industrial steel body with a stainless steel pocket clip that not only makes the pen stronger but keeps it handy. Moreover, it functions well both indoors and outdoors. However, due to its size, you need to go close to the attacker with swift movements that might be dangerous.

Stun Gun

Stun guns such as the Vipertek VTS – 979 stun gun sends a spark of electricity through the attacker’s body when used. It comes with a wrist wrap and, safety disables pin that prevents the weapon from backfiring on the user.

Even if the attacker force pulls the gun on you, the movement removes the safety pin and marks the stun gun useless. Additionally, the tool comes with a non-slip rubber coating and has a rechargeable battery. The stun gun is well-known and is one of the best self-defense weapons for your home.

Self-Defense Key

Self-defense keys

Measuring roughly around 5.5 inches and weighing 2 ounces, a self-defense key will not weigh down your keychain. It is a very sturdy tool and, you can very wrap your fingers around it firmly. It has a mechanism of lightweight aircraft aluminum with a bellow at the bottom which increases its grip. The tool may have a hidden screwdriver for added protection.

Door Sensors

A door sensor is a powerful device that emits a high decibel sound when the alarm goes off, enough to detect intruders. It is one of the best self-defense weapons for home and tells you if someone is sneaking into your house to keep children, homes, and work secured. Functionally, the alarm works on three principles:

  • Normal alarm mode: If the door opens, the alarm rings for a whole minute.
  • Doorbell mode: You can change the bell of your door, especially to suit shop openings.
  • Alarm and stop mode: The alarm rings continuously until the door closes.

Set arming, disarming, alarm, and emergency options using a remote control within 50 feet.

Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights for self-defense

One of the best self-defense weapons for homes, a tactical flashlight flashes a concentrated, narrow yet linear beam of light to make the attacker blind temporarily. You can use this time to run from the place. They resemble hitting tools and are sturdy and long-lasting. Moreover, they even have a catch crown at the top that collects the DNA sample of the attacker. They are user-friendly and work at all times, be it night or the day. While purchasing, keep a watch on the lumen value of the flashlight as those of 800-1000 lumens will not be powerful to blind the attacker.


Self-defense at home is a necessity nowadays. Many gadgets in the market help you out in this process. From self-defense keychains to lights and sprays, everything is available in the market. These tools decrease damage and give you added time to escape.

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