Sky Q is a premium Tv service launched in 2016, which has created the TV platform that perfectly fits your smart home. But the main question is, does Sky Q work without the Internet?

We have discussed all the necessary details regarding Sky Q TV service and all its features.

What is Sky Q?

Question: Does Sky Q Have WPS Button?

Sky Q is a TV tier which is offered by the British Sky company. It is not just a set-up box as it provides numerous features you expect from a TV company. Sky Q is a high-end subscription device which requires a satellite dish.

Sky Q offers multi-room and multi-device viewing, and it saves your favorite program offline to mobile devices for viewing later.

There are various devices that Sky Q offers like 2TB Sky Q set-top box and 1TB Sky Q set-top box with some minor features but an excellent alternative for a less budget.

What Features does Sky Q Offer?

Picture Quality

Sky Q provides you the best picture quality with a resolution up to 2160p UHD. For setting up, you must visit the settings and then choose set-up and select Picture resolution and choose the 2160p.

You will get a confirmation message after the resolution changed successfully. If the selected resolution is not compatible with your TV, then the Sky Q box will revert to a compatible resolution.


Sky Q allows the user to download their favorite content in 2160p quality.

Dolby Atmos Sound

Underneath the Picture resolution settings, various sound settings help you tune the sound according to the user. There you have the option to select Dolby digital plus if your system supports it.

Pin Protection

You can also add a layer of security using the Sky Q device. You must open the Settings menu and turn on the Parental controls option. Then, it asks you to set the PIN. Now, it asks all the users for a PIN before accessing the mature content on Sky Q.

Voice Search

You can use your voice to search for the content you want to watch. It would be best if you held down the mic button, which is available at the top right side of the remote. You can also use different sorting methods to search for your favorite programs.

Split Screen Support

Split Screen support is available in the Sky Q sports channels. It would help if you pressed the red button on the Sky Remote while watching any sports channel.

Sky Q 1TB box

It is considered a standard box for all the customers, which comes with a storage of 1TB, which means you can save all your favorite programs. The available 1TB storage 300GB is reserved for the Sky updates, and 700GB is available.

Sky Q comes with its own Touch-sensitive remote, but to use it, you must make sure that the box is connected to the Internet, and the remote is paired with the box itself. The remote comes with various features like neat location features, which helps find the remote if it gets lost.

How Much Sky Q Costs?

The costing of Sky Q depends upon the extra add ones you choose, such as the mini boxes, broadband, etc.

Set-Up Costs

The 1TB version of Sky Q can cost up to £20, including the set-up service.

Sky Q Channel cost

Some of the popular packages that Sky Q offers:

Does Sky Q work without the Internet?

Sky Q

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No, Sky Q does not work without the Internet as the Sky Q main box requires a network connection to keep the card alive. Sky Q will be reduced to limited features without an internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection, you can use your smartphone to authorize it.

We Liked

It is relatively fast and speedy in use, and it can play and record live content. Sky has invested a lot in this system to make it best so that no one else comes close.

It also gets some continuous system upgrades. At the cost of £20, it is considered the best of all others.

We Disliked

It does not integrate Amazon prime in its system, and the user interface has some flaws too. We hope that in the next update, Sky Q will work upon these bugs and integrate as many apps as possible.


If you are willing to buy a Sky Q device, then you must need an internet connection, whether the broadband connection or Wi-Fi, but in return, Sky Q will give you the best television experience on the planet.

As we have discussed, all the necessary information related to the Sky Q streaming Service. You can use them in your smart home as they are straightforward to set up and use.

We have also discussed the channel and the pricing of its packages.

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