After buying a home, most homeowners find the need to give it their personal touch. At other times, people need to change a home’s look after some time. This means that as long as people live in homes or buy homes, there will always be a market for renovators and interior designers.

So if you love renovations and interior design and want to start a business, you do not need to look outside your passion. You could start renovations and interior design-based businesses.

This guide offers 5 of the best business ideas in this sector.

Floor Installation

Every building needs a floor, so you can be sure to have a constant flow of jobs if you pick flooring as a business idea. As a startup, getting flooring contracts for new buildings may be challenging because it is usually part of the contract signed by the construction company.

But if you have a network in the construction industry, you could get subcontracts from contractors. The area where you are more likely to get business is floor replacements. There are no licensing requirements for floor installation and most learn through apprenticeship.

Furniture Resale

Not every person wants to keep their furniture until it is worn out. Some people prefer to dispose of it at a low price and introduce new ones to their homes. If you love furniture, you could create a business around getting old furniture into new homes.

This idea works best by creating a website where persons wishing to dispose of their old furniture can reach you. If their furniture meets your standard, you go for inspection, collect, clean, and then list it for sale.

People concerned about indoor air quality prefer second-hand furniture, so you can be sure to have a steady clientele from this group of people and others that seek low-budget furniture.

Buying and Renting Out Commercial Real Estate

If you have a significant cash reserve, you may consider investing in real estate and renting it out. You may even enter into an arrangement with your bank when looking to acquire property for renting out.

Buying and renting out works best for commercial real estate. However, focusing on the local market is an excellent way to make the most of your business.

For example, if you wish to start your business in New York, you may want to look at commercial real estate for sale in Staten Island, NY, partition the spaces, and rent them out to people looking for smaller, affordable office spaces. Remember that you must market your business on local and social platforms if you want to make a kill.

Furniture Reupholstering

Furniture, especially couches and chairs, wear out with time. While some people choose to replace them, others choose to fix them. If you are skilled at fixing old furniture, an upholstery business is one area you should consider when starting a business.

Services you can offer in your upholstery business include replacing padding, springs, webbing, and covers. To succeed in this kind of business, you may need to market yourself using before and after images that showcase the results of your services to convince clients to choose your services rather than buy new furniture.

Also, quality service is a must and can be a great way to bring in clients through word-of-mouth referrals.

Interior Design

Interior design is for you if you love planning spaces and coordinating accessories and furnishings. Most interior designers specialize in one area. For example, you could choose kitchen designs or lighting solutions. The only limitation for interior design is that you may need licensing in many jurisdictions.

If your state has no licensing requirements for interior designers, you are in luck. You only need to know your trade because it will be your greatest selling point.

If your state requires licensing, you can call yourself a home decorator. Home decorators don’t require licensing but do everything an interior designer does.

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