Major home renovations are never a walk in the park. Nevertheless, navigating these experiences will be much easier with adequate preparations and a clear roadmap. Here, we look at nine tips for preparing for a major home renovation.

Be ready to declutter

Decluttering before a remodel is the best way to clear as much space as possible before any work can begin. For a successful outcome, take time to clear and organize your house weeks or days before you start your renovations. Since you can expect a lot of household clutter and debris once renovations begin, choosing the right dumpster size to accommodate all waste generated will allow for safe, timely, and cost-efficient cleanup.

Identify a storage solution

Major home renovations are disruptive, and besides clearing and organizing your belongings, you need a reliable storage solution. If you have large or fragile items that cannot fit anywhere in your house, it is best to consider renting a storage unit. Prioritize keeping your prized possessions in the safest place, as these items can easily get lost or damaged. For example, you could opt to store your official documents, jewelry, and expensive art in a deposit box off-site.

Know what you want and set a budget

Most homeowners often make the mistake of beginning major home renovations before they know what they want. This is a costly mistake as you will be skipping from one idea to another without having your priorities right.

To avoid this, take as much time as possible to pen down your renovation goals, consult experts about these needs, and set a realistic budget. When budgeting, be ready for hidden costs and unforeseen problems that can lead to an increase of 10% to 20% of your total costs.

Hire the right contractor

Finding the right home remodeling contractor will make all the difference in how smoothly the project will run and the final results. Consider hiring highly experienced and reputable contractors with an outstanding record for completing similar projects on time and on budget. Opt for a licensed and insured contractor who understands your requirements and shows the commitment to go the extra mile to deliver perfection.

Brace yourself for the noise and dirt

Tearing down walls, floors, or roofs and putting up new ones will be a noisy and dirty affair. Be ready to bear with irritating noise levels and for things to get messy as the renovation crew works on giving your living space a new lease of life. Since there will be plenty of dirt and dust, even with daily cleanups, it is best to ensure everything left in the house is covered in plastic or stored in containers.

Think about your security

Having a renovation crew in your home means living in a constant state of chaos, which is never easy for any family. This calls for adequate mental preparation as there will be a lack of privacy, double the mess you expected, and a constant need to ascertain everything is going according to plan. It’s best to think about your security by adding elements such as smart locks to seal off areas where no work is expected and camera systems to monitor activities in and around your home.

Get your family ready

Communicate with your family about the changes they can expect once the renovations begin to ensure everyone is on the same page. Typically, this involves coming up with new schedules to suit everyone, such as:

  • Signing up the little ones to a daycare facility or having them stay with a close family friend or relative so they can be away from the noise and dirt produced on-site.
  • Choosing to use a co-working space if you or your spouse works from home.
  • Organizing how the family will have meals that do not involve a lot of cooking, especially if the kitchen is being renovated
  • Making it clear that there will be restricted areas during the renovation, especially for the children

Inform your neighbors and get the necessary permits

It is not just your family who will be affected by the home renovation, but your neighbors too. It’s best to let your neighbors know about your renovation, so they can plan how best to ensure minimal disturbance to your crew during this period. Most importantly, do not forget to get all the necessary permits and comply with the local building rules and regulations.

Check the weather forecast

Before you start any major home renovations, it is crucial to check the weather forecasts to determine if the environmental conditions will be favorable for the scheduled jobs. For example, if cold weather or heavy rain is predicted, it might not be the best time for re-roofing.


While major home makeovers are costly, time-consuming, and quite demanding, thorough preparations and a positive approach will help make these projects less stressful and easier to manage.



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