If you’re one of the 67% of Australians owning a home, you know it’s an investment worth taking care of! By carrying out regular maintenance and repairs on your residential property, you’re less likely to have a nasty surprise for your budget if something goes wrong. And, it also means you and your family are comfortable and safe while your valuable asset retains its resale value.

Having reliable home services listed on your smartphone saves you the hassles of hunting for an expert at the last minute, when something needs to be done in an emergency. Keeping it local also means getting faster service! Listing local plumbing services Melbourne homeowners are using is a good place to start.

6 Home Services Every Homeowner Needs to Have on Call

1. Plumbing Services

Even if you’ve been diligent about keeping your residential property’s plumbing in good nick, mishaps do happen at the most awkward times! Blocked drains, spilling sewers and burst water pipes always seem to happen as you’re about to have visitors or the in-laws are coming for the weekend.

Having a reliable and local plumbing company on speed dial means any emergency plumbing issue can be handled quickly and professionally. It also means you have the name of a reputable plumber who can perform regular inspections, maintenance and repairs on an annual basis. With preventative maintenance you’ll avoid certain problems altogether.

2. Electrical Services

It’s not only the plumbing that can let you down at the last minute. Appliances such as your oven can stop working hours before preparing your Christmas Eve dinner. Keeping the name of a reputable electrician on your smartphone will give you peace of mind any electrical mishap can be dealt with once you’ve made the call.

Many countries such as Australia have strict standards and regulations set out for any electrical installation or wiring work. When dealing with a local electrician, ensure they’re licensed to carry out electrical work. You also want to find out if the electrician is available to handle emergency calls.

3. Pest Control Services

One area of home management many residents forget to deal with is pest control. When you see one or two cockroaches scuttling in your kitchen sink, you’re inclined to ignore them. The same goes for those little soil mounds starting to crop up in your garden! But, if you’re not careful, pest colonies such as cockroaches and termites can grow into an infestation, causing damage to your property.

Having the name of a professional pest control company, recommended by your family and friends, on hand means the exterminators are only a call away. When you think you’re dealing with a pest infestation, make that call and keep your property safe from expensive, long-term damage.

4. Arborist Services

Harsh weather conditions can turn your residential property into a hazardous site if you have large trees growing in your garden. Strong winds and lots of rain can cause trees to topple over, blocking driveways, damaging roofs and even pulling down overhead power lines. Arborists or tree fellers are the experts you need to have the contact details of and kept on your smartphone.

Arborists are equipped to remove fallen trees, cut down branches that could become a hazard or even perform regular pruning, keeping your garden and surrounds safe and neat. Be sure to list a local tree feller who’s reliable, efficient and cost-effective while available to be on call for those emergencies.

5. Air Conditioning Repair Services

It’s a good idea to have the name of a reputable air conditioning repair company on your contact list. Air conditioning units are wonderful until the day they break down. Being landed with a broken AC on the hottest summer day is not something you want to cope with, especially if you’re working from home or entertaining.

Scout around town for the best local air conditioning repair services and make sure you list them on your smartphone. This way, you’ve got AC experts at your fingertips should you need them in a rush. And, you can also rely on them to perform regular maintenance, giving you peace of mind your AC is in good working order most of the time.

6. Roofing Services

A severe storm can cause some serious damage to your roof. Tiles can be blown away or damaged leading to long-term structural problems if not dealt with in time. Blocked gutters are also areas many homeowners neglect until it’s too late. Roofers are those professionals you need to call when you need repairs and maintenance done on your roof or gutters.

Roofing work can be hazardous and working at heights requires some expertise. Qualified roofers are equipped and trained to perform safe work on roofs. When compiling your list of emergency home services on your smartphone contacts, make sure you include a reliable and licensed roofer, so you never have to risk your life to fix a problem up there.

Final Thoughts

Having a list of reliable and professional home services on your smartphone means you’ve got an expert on speed dial whenever an emergency crops up. It also means you’ve got the contact details of experts who can handle all your home maintenance and repair work on a regular basis.

Find out about call out fees, 24/7 services and preventative maintenance so you can compile a smart plan to look after your home.

Chad Carson

Chad Carson

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