Have you recently considered beautifying the outside of your house? Tired of the old look and considering making everything new again? The first thing you will want to consider is electric garage doors. Then the paths and garden and house itself.

Want to know exactly what to cover and the steps you take to get there? This article will cover much of what you need to consider.

If, however, you wish to make structural changes, that will fit into another category, because you’ll need building plans, permissions and the like. This article is about changes that don’t affect the structure of any building.

We’ll discuss aspects that cover outer appearance of the house, garage and garden.


Choose a theme for your house’s outward appearance. You may want it to look super-modern. Or vintage. Or rustic. Keep all transitions and fitments suited to this theme, even when picking out modern electrical appliances.

Garage Doors

Firstly, you will consider your garage doors. They’re not only fit for purpose but are also vital in the overall aesthetics of your house. Manufacturers do design these doors to easily fit in with a look. A door may look good with a rural, rustic, or natural look, so if you make changes in future, your door will still fit the aesthetics.

Choose your garage door according to the style and purpose of your home. For instance, are you working toward being eco-friendly? Choose materials that fit this theme. Are you aiming for a super-modern look? Perhaps a steel door will reflect that.

Paintwork or Brickwork of the House Walls

The next aspect to consider is that of the paint and/or brickwork. Your paint must look bright and fresh. Choose colours that are not only trendy, but also fit with the overall scheme of your house. A deep grey will reflect modernist vibes, whilst an ochre paint will reflect something more earthy.

You also have the option of layering over your old bricks with face-brick, or with stone or wood—depending on fire-risk in the area. Stone can not only look beautiful but insulate as well. Even if you don’t have the funds to do the entire house, do just a section or two of your front wall to add some beauty.


The roof will offset your entire house. Make sure you have tiles or other types of roofing that don’t leak. What’s more, it should be painted with a weather-proof, fade-resistant paint. Apply it in the correct way, and your house will look new, whether you do something to the rest of it or not.

A deep grey smartens it a lot. Many people choose red or green, but grey simply gives your home an aesthetic edge.


Your garden is the first section of your home to greet visitors’ eyes. You want it to reflect the same values as your house.

As an example, a cottage garden, with bulbs growing wild in different directions won’t match a hyper-modern house, with its artificial materials, and angles and rigid geometric shapes. Instead, a cottage garden’s wildness suits a house that’s more natural and earthy. The bright, varied colours and twisting stone paths echo the harmonious feel you wish to create.

In contrast, a modernist house may require trimmed hedges, ornamental gardens and lawns mowed and trimmed regularly into specific shapes. Flowers will be planted in neat little rows, and arranged according to height, so that all flowers are on view. You may still have curvy edges, to prevent a too rigid feel, but the look depicts clean lines.

You can of course have a vegetable patch. These tend to be out of sight, but many people are sowing their vegetables amongst their flower patches. This allows good insects to be attracted to the veggies, to pollinate them. And it allows the pumpkins or cabbages to be hidden from the bad insects’ view, or smell.

Tip: a veggie patch also provides spots of colour through both fruit and vegetables.


Paths that wind gracefully through your garden can be artfully planned:

  • You can have straight or circling paths.
  • Use paths that draw the eye into specific areas of the garden.
  • Stone flags or solid brick.
  • Railway-sleeper-wood, pebbles or cement.

The possibilities are almost endless.

Paths can add a touch of drama to a boring space or create a quiet corner for reflection and tranquillity. Create a path to a bench under a hidden arbour or develop vines that overhang a pebbled path for shade and mystery.

Have fun with your imagination on this one, even in a formal garden.


If you like, you can add fencing. Fencing simply adds a decorative touch, and helps stop certain animals from entering your yard. You can choose a white picket fence, a hedge, or even pretty, white Victorian railings.

Tip: select metal, arty railings for a modern look.


There are ways and means of sprucing up your home—not just for selling, but for living in. You can make your home look beautiful with a complete external makeover. Some changes will be less expensive than others. Work within your budget and reap the rewards.

Why not start with a few shrubs today?



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