We will show you how to use the Amazon Alexa sleep sounds to rest. The Amazon Echo line or Alexa plays music, provides data, displays sports scores, informs news and weather forecasts and, controls your smart home. One such added feature of Alexa is its ability to turn into a sleep aid. Place Alexa near your pillow and ask her to play soothing Alexa sleep sounds, sleep meditations, peaceful music, and bedtime stories to help you rest.

Take your mobile, open Alexa, tap the more tab from the lower right corner and choose skills and games. From this sidebar, tap the Search icon in the upper right and search for Alexa sleep sounds. Let us look at each of them in detail to find out how to rest with the best Alexa sleep sounds and learn ways to utilize the Amazon echo line to its fullest extent.

Sleep Sounds by Sleep Jar

Sleep sounds to let you relax with soothing Alexa sleep sounds that lure you to doze off. It comes in varied categories of rain, a train, crickets, wind, showers, wind chimes, whales, waterfalls, lakes, and seagulls to calm the listener. You can get the entire list from Alexa by saying ” Alexa, ask sleep sounds for a list” Moreover, to hear or learn more about a single particular sound, say “Alexa, ask sleep sounds for whales” or” Alexa, ask sleep sounds for showers. On receiving the command, Alexa plays your desired sound. Herein, Alexa tries to advertise the premium version too. But apart from that, these are some relaxing Alexa sleep sounds.

Relaxing Sounds

Relaxing Alexa sounds offer nature personified voices of ocean waves, brooks, rainforests, frogs, singing trees, rain, water, blizzards, owls, and loons. In similarity with sleep sounds, you can view the entire list by saying, “Alexa, ask relaxing sounds for a list. To know more or hear a particular sound, say “Alexa, ask relaxing sounds for owl” or “Alexa, ask relaxing sounds for a rainforest; Say “Alexa, ask relaxing sounds for a random sound” to let Alexa pick a sound for you to rest.

Sweet Dreams: Sounds and Meditations with Sweet Dreams.

Alexa sleep sounds play simple meditations with sweet dreams. Say “Alexa, ask sweet dreams to play (name of sound)” to hear between rain, surf, stream, forest, canyon, desert, or brook voices. For listening to the meditation, say, “Alexa, ask sweet dreams to play (name of music) to choose from various tunes like “falling asleep;” soften and relax; and “review the day. Each note guides you towards deep breathing to lower the stress in your mind and body for a couple of minutes.

Sleep W/Me

De-stressing with Alexa sleep sounds

This Alexa sleep sound offers the benefits of a whole cycle of meditation with a comfortable yet soothing voice and deep breathing. After a long, tiring day, say, “Alexa plays sleep meditation; and start the 18-minute long peaceful journey. Lie down, listening to the speaker, and follow all the necessary instructions. After about three to four minutes, Alexa sleep sounds will help you relax for dozing off.

Sleep Meditation

These Alexa sleep sounds generate a soothing tone that not only relaxes the body but gets rid of a sleepless encounter with calm and soft meditation skills that help you doze off. Say, “Alexa, open the guided sleep meditation” to start the track that continues on its own without the need to turn it off manually or set a timer.

Sleep By Nature Made

Say, “Alexa, open sleep by nature made; and Alexa sleep sounds will give you two options or tunes for choosing. The first one is visualization mode, while the latter is a natural tune. Once you select, your choice of audio starts playing. However, if you choose the visualization mode, in the beginning, the natural tone will playback and last for about 60 minutes.

Yoga Nidra

These Alexa sleep sounds offer more peace than any other voice. It not only calms down your mind but puts you in a position, all set for bedtime. Open the app and say, “Alexa, open yoga Nidra meditation; After this step, an inhalation and exhalation routine starts, with counts, that puts you at peace in less than 20 minutes. This routine helps you rest for a good night’s sleep.

Spa Music

Say, “Alexa, play spa music” before going to sleep and wander off in a daydream of calmness and relaxation. This soothing music will not only de-stress you but will also switch off on its own as you tune in to the voice and fall asleep.

Sleep music by Urban Yogi

Say, “Alexa, play sleep music” and play in sync with a skill that drifts you off to sleep with relaxing music, sounds, and meditations. Alexa sleep sounds clear up all thoughts and negative energies in your mind, help you relax, and puts you in a night of good sleep.

Sleep Stories

A good bedtime story not only increases bonding but helps cultivate resistance to sleep disturbance. It helps shut off the thought generation machine and helps focus on listening. With sleep stories, a male or female voice recited and narrates prose compositions designed to cure insomnia. Say, “Alexa play sleep stories and the voice dictates a tale. You can even skip the current note by saying, “Alexa, ask sleep stories to play the consecutive narration, to switch the narration.

Alexa Sleep Sounds for Rain

In a normal mode, these Alexa sleep sounds eliminate thunder and lightning so that only the gentle pitter-patter raindrops remain. You can switch it too heavy rain sounds to eliminate background noise. Thus, you can create an illusion of a comfortable, snuggly sleep against the heavy rain. Alexa even offers various rain sounds like rain on a tent or a tin roof with a typical yet steady texture. Moreover, a favorite among people, the distant thunderstorm sound generates just the right decibels for a non-disruptive sleep.

Fountain Sounds

Alexa sleep sounds combine harmony with water features to give you the best experience of a garden with a chirpy fountain nearby. For a more realistic experience, try the Japanese garden sounds skill that includes roaring water against peaceful Japanese music.

Waterfall Sounds

This feature offers the clarity of gushing water right outside your window. Say, “Alexa, play waterfall sounds, and enjoy calm yet strong waterfall tunes to help you fall asleep.

Ocean Sounds

If you are a coastal resident shifted to a land-locked city, you might be missing the ocean. If such is the case, Alexa’s ocean sounds might do the trick for you. Say, “Alexa, start the ocean sounds, and enjoy the waves crashing just out of your window.

Forest Sounds

These simple Alexa sleep sounds offer you a sound tune of animals, of owls, crickets, and tree-frogs, of the wind and the water. They give the listener a single, unified sound to focus on, thus eliminating distractions and helping to de-stress for a sound sleep.

Windy Trees

Alexa sings a soothing lullaby with the feature of windy trees. If you prefer the winds, turn on this feature with the melody of an occasional chirping bird.

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