Is your Ring doorbell stolen? First of all, you need not worry too much about the incident as Ring will silently record the thief’s footage. Moreover, Ring will replace the stolen Ring doorbell once they go through its video evidence.

You need to understand that Ring doorbells are not cheap and have high-resolution cameras. That is why thieves may decide to keep it for themselves and will steal your Ring doorbell.

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Theft Policy for a Stolen Ring Doorbell

Let us understand the theft policy for the Ring doorbell in detail.

  • Is your Ring doorbell stolen? Do not worry, as Ring will replace it immediately for free. However, you need to report the matter to the nearest police station.
  • Inform the police and follow the steps until the officer collects your report. Till then, you can take pictures but not touch anything as you may erase some crucial evidence.
  • Ask for a copy of the theft report and send it to the company for a free replacement. On completion of the process, the company will send you a ring doorbell within 7 to 10 days after it verifies the report.

Can a Ring Doorbell be Stolen Easily?

Is your Ring doorbell stolen? Well, it is not that easy to steal one. Ring doorbells have a sturdy back plate that holds them stiffly against the wall. Though they are sturdy, an experienced thief with the right tools can take out the bell in less than 30 seconds for robbery.

Thieves can remove the security screw with the help of a screwdriver specially designed for its purpose. Dissection allows them to remove the rest of the anchors and thus remove the bell.

Moreover, as the device has a rechargeable battery, it threatens battery stealing. Being said this statement; remember that the burglar will still be visible on the video, even for a stolen ring doorbell.

Can a Stolen Ring Doorbell Capture Video?

Though Ring doorbells capture videos when they sense motion, a stolen Ring doorbell will stop its telecast if the thief uses a Wi-Fi jammer. Ring doorbells do not have anti-jamming detection and, a jammer can block its signal completely.

To protect from such incidences, use Power over Ethernet cameras or pair with the Ring alarm to ring if somebody tries to break in.

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Is Your Ring Doorbell Stolen? Learn Preventive Measures for The Next Model

Let us learn some steps on how you can reduce the chances of theft.

Use a Protective Cover

Install a grid box or a metal locking plate to hold the frame or the wall. Alternatively, you can install a stainless steel box but make sure that the view remains clear. Ring does offer protective cases, but these protect from climatic forces and the snow, not from theft.

Attach it with Stucco

To prevent the case of a stolen ring doorbell, never secure it with a wall or door frame, that too with just a couple of screws. You can attach it directly with the wall- be it stucco, cement, or plaster. Such methods will make it difficult and time-consuming for theft.

Have a Backup Camera

Always have a backup ready for your device, no matter what. Never rely on just the camera on your doorbell, as the thief can use a jammer. Place a camera in your front window to monitor your front door 24 X 7.

Display a Sign

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways is to display signs and prevent a stolen Ring doorbell. Display a message to let people know that surveillance is on, thus reducing theft. Place a small but easily visible sign.

Watch for Notifications

A smart home doorbell system

Is your Ring doorbell stolen? Well, watch out for notifications that trigger when somebody rings on the bell or even gets closer to sense motion. Ensure that you keep your smartphone handy to receive instant notifications. Do not ignore or overlook the messages. While it may not sound that efficient, hearing a voice over the doorbell is enough to scare thieves away.

Update the System

If you do not update your system, a bug might enter and disrupt your security. To boost, keep a check on notifications by the company, update the bell, and stay away from hacking and stolen Ring doorbell. Keeping up with booster packs will ensure that your security does not go out of date and never has a problem.

Backup Data on The Cloud

Back up your data every time you get any suspicious notifications to be sure of evidence in case of theft. Store up the data at least once in two or three weeks. If your stolen Ring doorbell falls into the wrong hands, chances of leaking data become evident. Hence, backup and delete old data continuously.

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Can a Stolen Ring Doorbell Be Used?

A Ring doorbell connects to your device and will work only on proper connectivity. However, thieves may sell parts like the rechargeable battery that fetch a heavy sum. You need not wander searching for the doorbell because, as it is, one cannot reuse it.

The camera won’t function because of power and Wi-Fi deficiency. Moreover, you need not worry about the thief using your Ring doorbell because they will need your account information to do so.

Furthermore, with the Ring subscription plan, you receive a recording of the theft. Use this recording to ask for a replacement.

What Exactly Happens During Theft?

Hacking Illustration

Is your Ring doorbell stolen? Let us find out what happens during theft to learn about the process and help stop it. We all know that a Ring doorbell picks up motion and starts a 1-minute recording.

The video goes in Ring’s cloud servers in real-time of the recording and occurs with a session initiation protocol just like a video call. The thief assumes that taking the doorbell off will stop the recording and destroy the evidence, but this does not happen.

Ring stores the recording in real-time and, even a stolen Ring doorbell will give you as much video recording as possible. However, battery-powered Ring doorbells do not capture as much as the hardwired ones but record thefts easily. Thus, even for a stolen Ring doorbell with exposed wires, launch the Ring app and receive a recording of the burglary.

How to Prevent Hacking?

Hacking is one of the first steps to steal a Ring doorbell and, a theft stops if one prevents hacking. Hence, this blog let us know the steps to stop hacking and prevent a stolen Ring doorbell.

  • Use two-factor authentication and enter the one-time password sent to you for activation.
  • Never discuss your account information. If you want to, add the person as a shared user in the Ring App.
  • Create a complicated password. Use uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Final Word

Is your Ring doorbell stolen? Well, it is not easy to steal and stands firm. Moreover, one cannot reuse a stolen doorbell, so stay calm. For added security, use the neighborhood app that comes with your Ring doorbell app.

This app allows frequent visitors to stay in the loop. Moreover, the Ring team will update you if they record any suspicious activity or any theft. But, on a stolen doorbell, you get a replacement.

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