Now there are a huge number of styles in the interior and many people cannot choose in which style they want to make their home. For this reason, you can find many Instagram accounts where designers talk about different styles and they don’t even have to often buy Instagram followers to become popular.

Today we will try to do the same thing and tell you about European interior design.

Features of the European style

The European style has developed for a long time, so it is characterized by classical features. However, modern details can also be added to it, making the room not only cozy and beautiful, but also functional. Among the main features of European design note:

  • large window openings;
  • a lot of free space;
  • functionality of furniture and interior details;
  • calm restrained tones;
  • properly organized lighting;
  • open-plan.

A distinctive feature of the style is that the apartment has a minimum number of partitions. Zoning is carried out using design techniques, including lighting and colors. Experts use other methods to highlight certain areas.


In the European interior, much attention is paid to functionality. The premises are not cluttered with unnecessary details, each item is in its place and performs a specific task, which is especially important for small rooms. In this style, every little thing is thought out, which allows you to completely eliminate the excess. For designers who equip such an interior, functionality and minimalism are a priority.

Therefore, the first thing that draws attention is the layout. There should not be a lot of furniture so that there is free space in the room. However, it must perform all the necessary functions. That is why European interiors often use transforming furniture, built-in wardrobes and niches. For the kitchen, you can choose an island layout. This will allow you to use the headset both as a work surface and for eating.

You can see examples of room designs in the accounts of various designers. The main thing is to choose to view the profiles of real experts who not only buy real Instagram followers, but also earn credibility with their posts.

Textiles in European design are of great importance. Beds with carved legs can be installed in the bedroom. Furniture on a small podium will look original. Often, beds are chosen with secret drawers under them, in which you can store bedding and other things, which will help save space.

Unification of space

The main principle of European design is the unification of space. In a room decorated in this style, a minimum number of partitions is used. The allocation of zones is done in several ways:

  • lighting;
  • furniture;
  • color;
  • using various textures of finishing materials, etc.

However, in general, a harmonious picture should be obtained, where all the details are in their place. At the same time, it is important that the space is adapted to the lifestyle of the owner of the house.

For space zoning, mobile partitions, screens, sliding doors can be used. Lightweight structures practically do not load the space and allow you to create dynamic, easily changing interiors.

You can mark the boundaries with the help of differences in the level of the floor or the height of the ceilings. Among the effective techniques, the use of various textures and color shades is also noted. In each functional area, the use of various light sources is allowed.

The creation of open space, typical for European interiors, allows you to visually enlarge the room, leaving a lot of free space. However, the kitchen, living room, dining room, office, which were previously separated by walls, continue to perform their functions. Therefore, the competent use of room zoning techniques is very important in creating a comfortable and stylish interior.

Placement of accents

Restrained colors visually expand the room, making it more spacious. But, despite the conciseness of the European interior, it can be made bright and original. To do this, various color accents are used that highlight certain areas and divert attention from those parts of the room that I would like to hide from prying eyes.

In spacious rooms, you should not place a lot of small decorations. It is better to give preference to several large details, for example, a vase or a flower in a large pot. This will emphasize the area of ​​the room.

Bright accents allow you to create a special mood in the room. For this, any furnishings can be used, from furniture to an unusual finish on one of the surfaces in the room. The only important rule that designers adhere to is to comply with the measure.

As bright accents, you can choose a colorful wall panel in combination with sofa cushions, made in the same style. Fresh flowers or unusual vases will look no less interesting in the interior. In any case, when choosing details, you should be guided by your own preferences. Bright elements are not only the finishing touch of the design, which will allow you to get a single harmonious picture, but also an expression of the taste and status of the owner of the house.

Henry Williams

Henry Williams

Henry Williams, armed with a degree in Civil Engineering, has been at the forefront of home maintenance and safety since 2008. His professional journey includes a significant tenure at a renowned construction firm, where he led numerous safety initiatives, including roles in safety consulting. Henry's passion extends to sharing his knowledge through writing and workshops. An enthusiast of vintage cars, he often spends weekends restoring classic models. His hobbies include woodworking and hiking, often drawing parallels between nature’s resilience and home durability.

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