After a thorough carpet cleaning by professionals, it’s crucial to maintain the condition of your carpets until your next planned appointment. Keeping your carpet upholstery clean is not just good for your health and your home, but it also helps the carpet last longer. Keeping your carpets spotless after a professional cleaning is easy if you follow these suggestions:

Wait to walk on the carpet until it has dried completely.

Your carpet should be completely dry before you step on it. Ceiling fans may facilitate a faster drying process.

Don’t move anything until you’re sure.

Furniture should not be returned to its original location until the carpet is totally dry. When you move furniture onto a wet carpet, it may delay the drying period of the carpet below and trigger color shift or re-soiling.

The sooner you clean up messes and spills, the better.

As quick as a spill or stain occurs, make sure it is immediately cleaned up. The longer a spill sits on carpeting, the more difficult it is to clean up. A natural carpet upholstery cleaner should also be used instead of harsh chemicals. Another tip is to use a clean cloth to blot up spills rather than rubbing them out, since rubbing encourages the liquid to spread and seep into the carpet fibers.

Instead of rubbing, try blotting.

Experts recommend blotting instead of wiping stains. Liquids will be absorbed into carpet fibers using this method. The first step is to use some water to clean the mess. Blot it up with paper towels. Cleaning products containing strong chemicals should be avoided. Dishwashing detergent can be used in place of water if it is unsuccessful. It’s advisable to call a carpet cleaning service if you can’t get it out on your own.

Vacuum on a regular basis.

Do you just vacuum when it seems that it is necessary? Vacuum frequently, even if you don’t believe the carpet needs it, to extend the life of your carpet after a professional cleaning. Dirt and debris that you can’t see are easily removed with a vacuum. Regular vacuuming also assists in the removal of pollutants and other contaminants brought into the home by the vacuum cleaner’s suction.

Remove your footwear.

Bacteria enter the house through your shoes. You can prevent the transmission of germs, allergies, and other impurities on the carpet if you remove your footwear as soon as you enter your house. When you walk on a newly cleaned carpet, your feet’s natural oils might leave behind an oil slick. Dirt could be drawn to the residue, resulting in scuffs and scratches. Wear slippers or socks that are exclusively worn inside instead of going barefoot. As a result, your carpet will remain spotless.

Put door mats.

In addition to encouraging your family and guests to clean their feet and avoid mud and grime from being dragged into your house, having door mats at every door of your home is a must to keep your carpets clean.

Watch out for your pets.

With dogs and cats in the house, it can be difficult to maintain the carpets clean and pristine at all times. The sooner a pet stain is removed, the better. If your pet sheds a lot, vacuuming every week will also help. Moreover, your pet’s claws might potentially damage your carpet. Trim your pet’s claws and smooth them to prevent threads from grabbing.

Rearrange items in rooms.

New traffic zones can be created by rotating furniture every several months. Your carpet’s fibers will deteriorate more rapidly in areas where your furniture has been in place for a long period of time, since you’ll continue to walk on these spots.

Buy a carpet protectant.

Applying a carpet protectant after it’s been cleaned is one of the best ways to prevent soiling and prolong the life of your carpet. The purpose of a carpet protector is to keep dirt and liquids from damaging the carpet’s fibers. If you live in an area that sees a lot of foot traffic, it’s essential to apply a carpet protectant on a yearly basis.

To Sum Up

Once you’ve hired a professional carpet cleaner, the very next step should be to keep your carpets clean. Even if we’ve had our carpets cleaned by professionals, it’s easy to forget about their appearance and overall health. However, if we can prevent that, it would be ideal. So, follow the tips above and prolong the life of your carpets in the best way possible.

Maria Cecilia Gomes

Maria Cecilia Gomes

Maria Cecilia Gomes is an expert in enhancing living spaces who holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science. Her insights into eco-friendly cleaning practices have been invaluable. She worked with several NGOs on clean living projects. Her articles often reflect her commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Maria is also a yoga enthusiast, which she believes adds a mindful approach to her work and writings. She also enjoys gardening and exploring natural cleaning solutions.

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