When crime and accidents have become widespread, one must take necessary actions to keep his property and family safe.

ADT offers an incredible safety alarm system that uses sensors placed throughout the home and is connected wirelessly to the ADT alarm.

ADT also has a monitoring system that is monitored 24/7 by the company itself to ensure your safety. In case of an emergency, the alarm triggers, producing a loud pattern of sound.

Now the question arises if the ADT alarm sound triggers, then for how long it will sound? The simple answer is that the ADT alarm will sound for eternity when it is triggered.

Every kind of emergency has varied alarm types and different ways to turn them off, the most common among them is either by manually shutting off the alarm or cutting the power.

Before alerting you by running the alarm, the ADT system runs a quick check to confirm the legitimacy of the danger, and if the threat is real, a message is sent to the central ADT station regarding it.

ADT Alarm Sound Types and How to Turn Them Off

ADT Alarm Sound Types and How to Turn Them Off

As an owner, you should know the reasons for which ADT alarm can sound, so you must identify the type of threat and act accordingly.

But turning them off is more essential in case the threat is neutralized or, for some reason, there was a false alarm; you still need to know how to turn it off.

Now, let’s look at some different types of ADT alarm sounds and how to shut them down according to the ADT guide.


A pulsing siren will sound continuous, and you will also be notified about the zone that triggered the alarm by the ADT system. 

  1. Press # within 30 seconds of the beginning of the alarm. The fire alarm and
  2. communication to the central station will be delayed for 90 seconds to give you time to clear the smoke detector.
  3. If the detector still detects smoke after 90 seconds, the alarm will sound again. If there is no smoke, the system will return to normal.
  4. If you do not press within the 30 second delay time, the system will send a
  5. fire message to the central station (if remote monitoring is enabled on your system). To silence the fire alarm after the 30-second delay has expired, enter your [access code].


A steady alarm will sound continuous, and if it is programmed then you’ll have information regarding the intrusion region of your home.

To turn it off, follow the steps: 

  1. Enter your [access code].
  2. Call the central station and notify them if it was a false alarm or not intentional.
  3. Check the alarm memory to see which zone caused the alarm. Once the source of the alarm has been corrected, the system will return to the ready state

Away From Home

Whenever you’re away from home and if the ADT system detects any threat, the representatives of ADT will contact you and will ask if the alarm should trigger while you’re away.

What Happens When the ADT Alarm Sounds?

As mentioned earlier, the ADT alarm system has different types of alarms. Each has its way of sounding; regardless of it, when an alarm is sounded, the ADT authorities are informed about the emergency even before the system triggers the alarm.

The ADT representative will contact you and verify the situation. From there on, they will decide if the aid is needed or not. This is done to decrease the issues of false alarms and is mandated by law.

How Can My Neighbour Help?

How Can My Neighbour Help

If you live in an area where houses are close to one another, then in case of an alarm triggers, the neighbor might be able to listen to it and help you somehow.

But if you live where your neighbors are far away, then they won’t be able to hear the alarm sound, although you have the control to set the volume of the alarm. However, the main objective of an alarm is to alert everyone inside the house. 

Your neighbor can surely help you in case of an emergency, and they can keep an eye on your property when the alarm goes off to glimpse the criminal, help the authorities with what they saw in that situation of emergency.

Even when you’re away from home, an alarm will alert them, and they may contact the authority on your behalf.

Does The System Work If the Power Goes Out?

Does The System Work If the Power Goes Out

Luckily, in the event of a power outage, your ADT system will still be able to work. This is because it has a 24-hour back battery which will keep the system running.

Therefore, it is instructed that you keep that backup battery fully charged every time, so in case of an emergency, the alarm can still sound. 

You will be alerted by the monitoring system when the backup battery is almost out of power. Also, the ADT will reboot your system with existing settings in the event of power failure, and you won’t be required to reset it manually.

Does ADT Security Require a Landline?

ADT has one landline plan that you can choose, but a landline isn’t necessary. The majority uses a cellular connection which is with the control panel of the system that is linked to the ADT monitoring center.

What Do I Do in The Event of a False Alarm?

What Do I Do in The Event of a False Alarm

In case of a false alarm, first, turn off the alarm. After that, at this point, the ADT representatives have already contacted you to verify the threat. If it is a false alarm, then tell them about it, and they will handle the rest.

Also, don’t forget to inform the members present inside the house that it was a false alarm, no need to panic.

Can The System Detect Gas Leaks or Smoke?

This depends on the selections you make considering ADT service packages, as each package has distinct services available for you. If you select a traditional service, then you’ll have to add smoke and CO monitoring using sensors and devices for an additional cost.

You get fire, smoke, and CO monitoring, water detection, temperature control, and all the things that come in a traditional service if you are to select ADT Video and Control services levels.

What Happens If I Need Help After Hours with My Alarm System?

The technicians at ADT are accessible for you 24/7 with live support. So, whenever the ADT alarm sounds, there is someone there for your relief.

Most matters are solved on the phone by the representatives, but if some issues may persist, you can fix them by an in-person appointment. It can cost you some fees too if it is not under your package.

Final Thoughts

Learning about your ADT alarm sound is vital; it is there for your safety, and as an owner, you need to know how to operate it and turn it off when required.

Also, being familiar with the alarm types is highly beneficial in the event of an emergency. Hopefully, this article has helped you so far in understanding ADT alarms.

If you want to know more about anything about your ADT system, then contacting the ADT helpline or your installer is the best way.

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