The ADT the alarm system is a security alert system, which gives sound on any interruption on entry door or window, or there is any fire or flood in your home in your absence.

But sometimes it gives a false alarm if you forgot to disarm it after coming back home, which creates unnecessary trouble to many people when there is a power outage in your home at the time also you need to reset the system..

So in this article I will explain to you how you can reset your ADT alarm system so that it gives signal only upon real emergency.

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How To Reset the ADT Alarm System?

How To Reset the ADT Alarm System

There are many variations of this system manufactured by the ADT, and every system has its own unique operation.

But there is one the thing common in all of them is that you need a personal passcode that will help you to stop a false alarm or reset the system to an armed or disarmed status.

Following are the different variations of the ADT alarm system; let’s see how you can reset each panel.

  • ADT Command Smart Security Panel: This variant of the ADT alarm system is a touch screen smart home variant comprised of several false alarm prevention features and is disarmed by a shield icon with “X” in the center, followed by a user passcode.
  • DSC ADT Impassa: In this variant entering your user passcode will be sufficient to reset it. And if the system is in sleep mode, then entering any key will be sufficient to reset the ADT alarm system.
  • Honeywell Ademco Vista Series: In all the panels of the ADT alarm system, entering the passcode along with one extra key will reset your system. And likewise in this variant also press the “OFF” button with your personal passcode will reset the ADT alarm system.

Remote Reset ADT Alarm System:

Even you can change the status of your ADT alarm system from a distance. For that, you need to have the ADT control app on your phone by which you can easily track the status of your security system. As you navigate the app, there is a graphical circle at the top of the screen that will indicate the status of the system.

If that circle is red in color along with a house and person logo then that indicates that the security system is on. If suppose you want to reset the system, then touch the red circle; by doing this it will turn into green color with a shield logo in it, indicates that it is off.

Another option of this smartphone application is the key fob, which is equipped with most ADT packages. You can reset the ADT alarm system by pressing a button on this key fob but within the constrained area of your ADT network.

Factory Reset the ADT Alarm System:

This you will only require if you have lost your user passcode or moving into a home with an existing ADT control panel. If you want it to factory reset then you have to contact ADT and have them send out a technician. Although if you want to reset it on your own, you can do it by following these steps.

  • First, cut off the power to the panel before removing it to the backplate to access the battery. If the battery is connected to the keypad, then you must notify the technician.
  • Disconnect the battery and locate the red, black, and white wires connected to the motherboard. Remove these wires without detaching them from the motherboard.
  • Wait for a full minute before reversing the full process.

There are several different types of home security panel with different manufacturers, all marked through ADT. Though the method requires resetting all these variants are the same, you are advised to refer manual once.

If this doesn’t reset your system, then the only choice you are left with contacts to the technician.

How to Reset ADT Alarm System After a Power Outage

Sometimes due to a storm or due to any other reason you may face the power cut issue in your area, at that time although your alarm system is equipped with power back up, you need to reset the system.

  • Once there is a power cut in your home your system will beep to give you a signal that it is running on power back up. And so, you reset it and connect it to some stable power source.
  • For resetting the system, you need to follow these steps
  • Find the ADT reset code. You can find this code on the manual that has come up with the system.
  • Once you fond the reset code, enters this code carefully via keypad, and waits until the system reboots.
  • Once the system is back entering the security code to arm the system.
  • Then disarm the system. Once you disarm the system, it will stop beeping shortly.

What If the System Doesn’t Stop Beeping?

The purpose of beeping the system is to notify you about something wrong happened, either the power cut or if it’s not power cut then it may be the case if someone has tried to cut off the power to your alarm system to stop the alarm functioning.

And in a normal case like power cut the beeping stop as soon as you reset and disarm the system, but won’t stop beeping. What to do in that case?

The beeping will stop only when the power is restored in the system. So for that, you should check the breakers in the main panel, if they are incorrect position then you have to replace your battery. You can replace it through amazon at a very reasonable rate.

What If the ADT Alarm System Going Off for No Reason?

Following are the checkpoints that you should check if your system going off for no reason.

  • Power instability: One of the most common reasons for ADT alarm going off is the fluctuation in power. If there is an interruption in power in any way it will, the alarm signal will go off.
  • Moving pets: If pets like large dogs or cats are passing through the monitored zone then, there will be a high chance of triggering the alarm.
  • Dead batteries: A dead battery in one of the components can create a gap in your home security system. In this case, some systems will go off, alerting you to some major problems. If this is the case, then it’s time for you to change the battery.
  • Some of the other possible reasons for your system going off includes
  • Cracked or rusted component housing
  • Charred or frayed wiring
  • Signs of leaking batteries
  • A unit dangling from its mounting
  • Dust and leaf build up

After checking all these points, if you are still unable to troubleshoot your issue then you must contact to customer support, and they will send the technician to check the problem.

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