Wherever there is a smart home, there is also a smart lock system. An ADT alarm system is one of them, it is one of the best ways to protect your home from any break-ins and restrict people from entering and exiting your house.

It works by placing a sensor on doors and windows. Once the sensors are alarmed, then opening the door and window triggers the alarm. If you do this unintentionally, then you must enter the code to turn off the alarm. But if you don’t have the code then you must manually disable the alarm.

In this guide, we will discuss all the methods which are useful in disabling the alarm without entering the code. We will also discuss the step-by-step guide to disable the alarm. This guide is very helpful for those people who just bought an ADT alarm system and are new to it.

What is an ADT Chime?

What is an ADT Chime

An ADT alarm system is a great way to add an extra security element to your home, it is very helpful in monitoring the entry and exit of people. It mainly relies on sensors and creates a very loud noise when triggered which can easily deter any thief or criminals and scare them away.

So, if you are looking for the best door alarm system, then you must give it a try, but you must know how to turn it off.

There are various situations where the ADT alarm system is considered very helpful but sometimes it is very annoying. For example, if there is an event in your home such as a birthday party or any other celebration, then the alarm system becomes disruptive and starts notifying each person.

So, it is better to turn off the alarm system during events or any family gatherings.

Ways on How to Turn Off Door Chime on ADT Alarm System

The sound of an ADT alarm system lies between 100-115 decibels. It’s like standing beside a running chainsaw as it is very loud, and you can’t turn it off because you don’t have the code. 

Mainly, turning off the ADT alarm system without a code depending on the type of system – you must do three things:

  1. Firstly, locate and remove the transfer plug from the outlet.
  2. Disassemble the Security Panel.
  3. Remove the Backup Battery

How To Turn Off ADT Alarm System Without Code

There are several different versions of ADT alarm systems available, though all follow the same routine. Some of the older keypad versions have a different panel box separate from the keypad.

Follow the below steps to successfully shut down the ADT alarm system without entering a code:

Step 1: Firstly, the ADT alarm system will give you a timer of 30 seconds and three minutes to shut down the alarm. If you know the code which is provided by the ADT itself while installation, then enter it otherwise you must disable the alarm physically. You will have to reset the alarm and then you can input a new code and use the alarm again. If you forget the code which is provided by the ADT, then continue to the next steps.

Step 2: Now, you must visit your alarm’s transformer box to remove the battery. The Transformer box is in the basement or in any closet beside the circuit breaker box. Removing the battery results in disconnecting the alarm but it won’t shut it off permanently because the battery in the ADT alarm system is the secondary source of power.

Step 3: Now, you must visit your home’s circuit breaker and locate the switch which is powering your alarm. The Circuit breaker is in the same place beside the transformer. It is usually placed inside of a metal box to provide security. You just must follow the wires from the transformer and the circuit board.

Step 4: Now, you just must flip off the switch and your alarm will shut off.

Steps to avoid Future ADT Alarm Triggers

Forgetting the user code is a primary issue and avoiding alarm triggers should be your first order of business. Some of the few ways to go about this:

Call ADT

Calling ADT and informing them that you have removed the hardware and plugged out the battery is a good idea as they send a technician to check if everything is working fine or not. The ADT equipment is installed on lease on a three-year contract.

So, if you are not the original owner of the leased equipment, you can contact the ADT, they will send a tech to retrieve their product.

Remove the Hardware

If you are planning to remove all the ADT hardware, then it is essential to contact the ADT team itself otherwise removing them by yourself will trigger an alarm which results in notifying the police.

If you still want to do it by yourself, then you must remove both the transformer and battery first before taking down the control panel, sensors, and cameras. If there is any wiring, then it is recommended to cut the breaker switch.

Final Words

A Door security system is an effective way to monitor all the movements of people who are entering and exiting your home premises.

But sometimes they are quite annoying when they trigger the alarm, and if you don’t know the code to shut it off.

It is very important to remember the code but in that case by any means if you forget that then you must reset the ADT alarm system by disconnecting it from the main power source. We have discussed all the related steps above.

This is all about this guide, we hope you found it helpful. If you have any queries related to the guide, you can ask by commenting down below. We will respond to it as fast as we can.

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