Interior design in Dubai in 2022 is represented by different, often contradictory solutions, which as a result set the tone for the entire home. The good old classics, complemented by modern accents, and minimalist interiors that can surprise you with the brutality of a loft or the gloss of hi-tech are in fashion. While you are planning your budget for purchasing an apartment and designing your home it is vital to use the help of the professionals. You can find out about apartments prices in Palm Jumeirah, Downtown, Dubai Marina, or any other district of Dubai on the Emirates.Estate website.

Speaking about design, at the peak of popularity are natural finishing materials, neutral or deep colors, and space ergonomics, the functionality of which should satisfy all family members as much as possible. What is considered trendy in interiors in 2022? You can get acquainted with all aspects in detail in this material, which provides comprehensive information on this issue.

Interior styles

The flight of design fantasy in 2022 is almost unlimited. You can decorate your home in one of the fashionable styles, or combine several of them, creating eclectic masterpieces. And yet, what is considered the most trendy in the interiors in 2022?


This style has been at the peak of popularity for quite a long time. Minimalism is characterized by maximum restraint and neutrality – there cannot be an abundance of free-standing furniture, pretentiousness, or monumentality. As a rule, it involves hidden lighting, neutral colors, built-in furniture, and a minimum of decor.

Retro style of the 60-70s in a modern manner

Retro style has attracted designers relatively recently. It is this style that looks cozy and extravagant at the same time. The main directions of design solutions, in this case, consist of furniture with high legs, and the use of wallpaper with floral or large geometric patterns. You can use artsy chandeliers and be sure to use vintage carpets, which were at the peak of popularity in the 60s and 70s of the last century.


The combination of several styles in the interior forms a separate trend called eclecticism. The key point in this direction is harmony and moderation. That is, you can combine minimalism and loft, in which it is quite easy to combine the color palette, the furniture, and the design of the work areas. But, eclecticism allows additions in the form of “non-fitting” details, which will be an accent but will not violate harmony. For example, in loft collaboration with minimalism, you can put a classic English sofa.


The perennial leader in interior design. For several decades now, the loft has been in demand and popular, periodically goes into the shadows, and again tops the ratings of the best design solutions. It is characterized by brutality and minimalism. Here you can use barn doors, imitation of brick or concrete on the walls, monotony, and an abundance of wood and metal.


An interesting style that originally arose in art – its birth is attributed to the middle of the 19th century. Art Nouveau implies the fluidity and smoothness of lines, the maximum unity of man with nature, in which one should not forget about comfort and a kind of pretentiousness. The features of this style are:

  • smooth lines;
  • lack of symmetry and sharp corners;
  • natural wood and fabrics;
  • natural warm colors;
  • an abundance of appropriate decor.

In Art Nouveau, a combination of shiny decor and matte wood is allowed. Mandatory curtains are made of natural fabrics, upholstered furniture of smooth shapes, and carpets with fancy patterns.


It is worth noting that several classic trends in the design of apartments are in fashion. For example, trends are both neoclassical and English style and Empire style. All these varieties are often called simply classics, and this is an erroneous opinion. All variants of classical design are characterized by the use of furniture made of natural and preferably precious woods – for example, an oak kitchen and a rosewood table will not only be fashionable but also durable.

Be sure to use curtains, warm shades can be diluted with white or black color schemes. Subject to moderation, artsy furniture, satin, silk, crystal, and massive chandeliers fit perfectly into the classics.

High tech

Manufacturability and gloss – this is how you can characterize this popular style. Hi-tech has been the leader in trendy interiors for quite a long time, and it is not surprising – it can be safely called the most ergonomic and functional. High-tech main features:

  • a large number of built-in and hidden household appliances;
  • maximum manufacturability – the use of smart home systems and similar devices;
  • artificial materials are acceptable and welcome;
  • a lot of even gloss – plain glossy furniture and other surfaces;
  • a large number of glass and chrome parts.

Real estate in Dubai

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