In this article, you will get to know about the current favourite place for most people around the world that is the Internet. The Internet plays a significant role in providing information from all around the world. The Internet is the place where we sometimes win, sometimes loose, and sometimes even cannot decide between these two because of slow internet speed.

While gaming, the only thing that we want is good internet speed, and nobody likes using slow Internet. It is the Internet that makes a significant difference while playing games. The internet speed is the only thing that differentiates between great fun activity or extreme frustration. The number of internet users is increasing at a fast rate, which is leading to a reduction in speed.

What is Mbps?

The full form of Mbps is megabits per second and is considered as a unit of measure of Internet bandwidth or, in simpler words, Internet speed. Mbps also defines the downloading rate of any file on your computer.

The rate of downloading is directly proportional to the number of Mbps, which means the higher the Mbps, the higher is the downloading speed.  But if we talk about gaming, the other two critical factors for having a great gaming experience are latency or ping rate.

Latency is equally essential as the downloading rate because it determines whether your game will lag or not while playing. The ping rate is the time taken by the server to give a response to your requests. If the ping rate is slow, then you will undoubtedly face difficulty in multiplayer games where multiple server requests are made.

It is the Mbps speed that so efficiently manages loads of data that is there currently on the Internet. Megabits can be called the heart of the Internet. The need for data speeds mainly depends on the purpose for which you are using your data. Whether you want to stream an online movie in 4k definition or play your favorite game. According to research, 25 Mbps works fine for both these purposes with a single user in any household.

If you want to use the Internet for performing daily tasks such as checking emails or merely browsing the net for any purpose, then the speed of 1-5 Mbps is indeed enough for you. But are you have a powerful computer which you for downloading high definition media and playing the best of games, them 200 Mbps might not be enough for you? The thing you need is to check your needs, and there are multiple websites to help you with that.

Is 200Mbps Speed Good for Gaming?

200Mbps Speed Good for Gaming

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In general, 200 Mbps speed is enough for a gaming point of view. But there are many chances that if your internet provider promises you 200Mbps, you may end up getting a much lesser speed, so you should choose wisely. Another significant issue is that if you have multiple devices in your home connected to Wi-Fi, then also the speed of the connection is reduced. One tip is that is you are struggling with your game, check other devices connected to the Wi-Fi and disconnect the device, which can be temporarily disconnected.

Back a few years, when games used a high amount of data such as Counterstrike and payday, which resulted in significant lagging. From many reviews, it is deducted that more than 20+ Mbps is adequate for strategy games, but anything less than that can ruin your whole experience.

But as mentioned earlier, if multiple users are using the Internet in some heavy activities, then 20 Mbps might not be enough for you. To overcome this issue thus is generally recommended that any speed above 50 Mbps will make this issue non-existent. Please keep in mind that these numbers are just an average and may not apply to all genres of games. The other important point is that these numbers are only for single players and are minimum requirements.

If multiple users are using the same internet connection, then you should multiply the number of players that will be online at the same time with the requirements. For example, if you four players in your home, then you will require at least 12 Mbps bandwidth for a smooth play. You must check the specific requirements of the game before making any calculations.

Specifications According to Devices

Here are some recommendations based on the gaming device uses are using for playing online games. The ping rate and speed that will be recommended will be based on what is currently available for best and top gaming devices.

Earlier versions of these devices like Play station 3 and 4 will also work smoothly under these specifications. We have also included latency, which is calculated using the ping rate as one of our parameters because it is one of the significant factors for a flawless gaming experience.


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Xbox consists of thousands of games and is extremely popular globally. With over 2200 games, which include 200 exclusive games that come with Xbox one and 600 classic games that came with Xbox 360, playing on Xbox is undoubtedly a dream-like experience for any real gamer. Recently, Xbox crossed more than 10 million users worldwide. The specifications required for a smooth game on Xbox are:

  • Minimum downloading speed: 3 Mbps
  • Minimum Uploading speed:0.5 Mbps
  • Ping Rate: 150 milliseconds

Play Station 4

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Play station is one of the biggest names when it comes to gaming platforms. You can join great warriors, your favorite sportsperson, and other gaming legends on PS4.  Not only can you play exclusive games on PS4 but also stream or download your favorite TV shows from Amazon, Netflix, or any other streaming service. Play station also offers a Virtual reality feature where you can enter a whole new world and have a breath-taking experience.

The specifications required for playing on Play station are:

  • Minimum downloading speed: 3 Mbps
  • Minimum Uploading speed:1Mbps
  • Ping Rate: 150 milliseconds (estimated)

Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo is a Japanese game making company, who became popular after the release of the famous game Mario.  Nintendo does not provide its internet speed recommendations on its official website, but it is mentioned in the troubleshooting guide some basic requirements related to downloading and uploading speed. The main factor that causes the problem here is the ping rate, as there is no mention of the ping rate in the troubleshooting guide.

The minimum specifications required for playing on Play station are:

  • Minimum downloading speed: 3 Mbps
  • Minimum Uploading speed:1Mbps
  • Ping Rate: Not applicable

How to increase the speed of your internet connection?

Use an Ethernet cable

Even after getting the recommended speed and your game paly still lags, then you should come off with the WI-FI and directly plug your computer into the router. This will remove the problem of an obstacle such as a wall as well as provides a much stronger signal. If the length of the outer wire is too small and plugging the PC to the router is not an option, then you should try bringing the router to a better location, which is closer to your PC.

Wi-Fi signals are best where there is no obstruction, such as a wall, and they travel in a downward direction. Considering these factors, you should choose the location of your router.

Try Replacing Your Router

The reason for low connection speed can also be the inefficiency of your router. Like every other technology in the world, routers also get outdated, so if you are facing this problem, then you should call your service provider and buy a new one.  This can be the solution to your problem, and you can go back to enjoying your favourite game.

Final Thoughts

Firstly, 200 Mbps is considered an excellent gaming speed, especially if you have a problem with low latency. The other important thing is that you do not need much bandwidth unless there are many gamers in your house then only you should worry about more bandwidth.

Secondly, if you are in a place where you have a good internet speed, but your game still lags, then you should consider changing the position of your router or getting an Ethernet cable.

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