Judith Davis Ward's Letter





In my view, and based on all I have researched into the backgrounds of serial killers, in reading Bruce Davis’ sister's statement one sees the formation of a serial killer. All of the elements were there. He had an abusive father and a mother who tried to intercede. But she actually failed as she stayed with Bert and thus she continued to keep Bruce in proximity to his violent father. Also, she tried to be the center of attention even pitting Judy, the sister, Bruce and the father against each other.


In Bruce’s mind this situation caused conflict, confusion and deep-seated anger. He said when he came to California he was filled with rage and turmoil. He began taking various kinds of drugs in 1965 and from then on he became even more obsessive and enraged eventually ending up in the Manson group in 1967. And, as I believe, he became the “Zodiac” killer.


As a side note, I was very surprised that Judy mentions her father’s “engineer boots” and that he would kick them wearing these boots. Sgt. Fouke, who saw Zodiac, says that Zodiac was wearing “engineering boots”! Many authorities believe that serial killers experience a “trigger” before they start killing. Davis returned to Tennessee after his father’s death in 1968. This may have been the “trigger.” Zodiac first attacked in December 1968. Judy says he did “take some things” with him back to California. One wonders that he might have taken those boots.



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