Villas are one of the most sought after types of real estate in Turkey. Today we will go to Turkey, to the very heart of the country – Istanbul. Villas in Turkey can become a profitable investment.

Investing in property in Turkey

What do buyers of real estate in Turkey need to know?

  1. The primary and secondary real estate market has big differences. This means that in neighboring buildings in the same area, real estate prices can vary significantly. New buildings are valued by an order of magnitude, which differs in the engineering “stuffing” of buildings, architecture, and external infrastructure.
  2. In Turkey, a foreigner can get an installment plan. This is because Turkey has a very high level of confidence in foreign investors. Often, developers may offer to purchase a property in installments or on an interest-free loan.
  3. There is a very simple and transparent buying and selling procedure.
  4. The real estate market in the country is open and dynamic. Approximately 15 years ago, only residents could buy property in Turkey. Later, around 2004, Turkish real estate was sold to citizens of those countries with which Turkey had mutual agreements. Since 2013, the Turkish government has made changes to the housing law, which allowed foreigners to buy real estate on an equal basis with Turkish citizens. Since then, more and more foreign investors have preferred to invest in real estate.

All of the above in combination have a positive impact on the growth and intensity of purchase and sale transactions. The number of purchases of apartments and houses by foreign citizens has increased significantly. At the same time, positive dynamics are also visible in the future. As a result, as demand increases, so does supply.

Pros and cons of buying property

Many people dream of buying real estate on the Turkish coast. But not everyone seriously thought about whether this country is suitable for them as a “second home”. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons before buying a property in the republic. We will consider the pros and cons of such an acquisition below.

Everyone who plans to buy an apartment in this country should try to get to know the country better, to study the peculiarities of local life, culture, way of life and customs. There are pros and cons in every decision, and the buyer must determine for himself what outweighs in his case – the advantages or disadvantages. At the same time, those factors that for someone are an undeniable advantage, for another person can be rather a minus. Of course, this is a purely individual decision. Cons and advantages will be determined for you when you study the features of this country in more detail.

Buying an apartment in Turkey: the pros outweigh the cons

Despite the fact that the question of choosing a country to live is individual, some factors are definitely positive. For example, regarding this country it is:

  • Proximity of the Mediterranean and Black Seas;
  • Warm climate;
  • Exotics, originality of culture;
  • Obtaining a residence permit when buying real estate;
  • High quality of life;
  • Availability of all necessary goods and services;
  • Free general school education for children whose parents have a residence permit;
  • Good ecology;
  • High level of development of medicine;
  • Affordable housing prices;
  • The possibility of obtaining an installment plan or a loan at a favorable percentage for the purchase;
  • Opportunity to make money on real estate by renting it to numerous tourists.

Among the conditional disadvantages of acquiring housing are the costs of taxes, insurance and maintenance, mortgage rates of 6% – 8%, which is slightly higher than in some other European countries, difficulties in choosing a housing due to the variety of proposals.

Of course, for those who have always dreamed of living by the sea, moving to the country is the most important advantage.

Alyvia Houses

The apartments are located in one of the most popular and developed areas of Istanbul – Şile. These are luxury apartments – villas with an area of ​​181 – 426 square meters. At this stage, the residential complex is under construction. By December 2021, the project has been 35% complete.

Let’s consider the details. Alyvia Houses will have a total of 44 apartments with 3 and 4 bedrooms. The rooms are designed as detached villas, each with two floors. Each has a huge terrace that can be used as a garden or outdoor dining area. This place can be turned into an office, workshop, or playroom.

The infrastructure at Alyvia Houses is just perfect. Everything that a small area of ​​ Şile can offer is united by the residential complex Alyvia Houses. These include:

  • playgrounds,
  • sports grounds,
  • parking,
  • shops,
  • an equestrian club,
  • a swimming pool and a fitness area,
  • pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Alyvia Houses is an ideal place for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and love life in all its manifestations.

Location of the residence

Alyvia Houses has a very convenient location:

  • Uskudar Square – 35 minutes from the residential complex;
  • Šile center – 15 minutes;
  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport – 30 minutes;
  • Kadikoy port – 45 minutes;
  • Taksim Square – 75 minutes;
  • Istanbul Airport – 90 minutes.

Prices for villas

The price range for this project is as follows:

Number of rooms 3+1 4+1
Number of bathrooms 2 2
Total area 181 sq m 225.47 sq m
Average price USD 267,000 USD 321,000

Real estate in Turkey

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